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Who is Captain James Cook?

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Gordon Chi

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Who is Captain James Cook?

Captain James Cook Born on October 27, 1728 Died on February 14, 1779 Life Cycle He was born in a small village near Middlesbrough He got stabbed and killed in Hawaii He is most famous for...... . Being a British Explorer, navigator and a cartographer Being engaged by the Royal to travel to the Pacific Ocean to observe and record the transit of Venus across the Sun as a lieutenant Trying to find what we call
now Antarctica as a commander Commanding HMS Resolution and becoming the first European to visit Hawaii, which he called the "Sandwich Islands" The Voyages The First Voyage is in red, the second one is in green, and the third one is in blue. The dashed blue line is where the rest of the crew kept on exploring after Captain Cook was stabbed HMS RESOLUTION Captain James Cook sailed
on HMS Resolution twice-
perhaps the most known one
was when he was to find Terra
Australis, or Antarctica What motivated him? Captain James Cook was motivated when he worked in a coal mine near the harbour, and he was interested at the harbour SCURVY Captain James Cook brought
plenty of fruits to prevent having scurvy (when you eat too little Vitamin C) The physician realised that you must need enough Vitamin C Captain James Cook found Antartica (Terra Australis), as well as being the first European to find Hawaii (Sandwich islands). Sadly, he was stabbed and killed in Hawaii by the natives This is a video about Captain James Cook's life He lived in several places in UK in his childhood,
and went to school until he was 12.

In 1745, he became a merchant

After that, he joined the royal navy, and when in 1768
, when he was 27, he was promoted to a lieutenant
and was able to lead a scientific exhibition to Tahiti On June 3rd of 1769, he successfully measured time it took Venus to orbit the sun, allowing the size of the solar system accurately measured by this.

In October of 1769, he became the first European to travel to New Zealand, and find the great icy continent of Terra Australis, now what we call Antarctica

New Holland, or now what we call Australia, was mostly conquered by the Dutch people, so Captain James Cook explored the eastern side where the Dutch didn't conquer, and claimed that piece of land for United Kingdom in August 22nd of 1770.

James Cook circled Antarctica on the HMS Resolution, and has traveled farther south than any other European. However, the ice prevented him from seeing the land.

After he went back after this voyage, he was promoted to captain Captain James Cook tried to find a northern sea route between Europe and Asia, and he became the first European to explore Hawaii, and he settled on Vancouver Island too!

He then went through the Bering Strait to reach the Arctic Ocean, but there was too much ice, so therefore he settled back to Hawaii. There he was stabbed and killed by the Hawaiians there. He had to overcome getting scurvy, like most other famous explorers, like Magellan and Christopher Columbus, since his physician told him to bring more citrus fruits, so he did He found Antarctica and he had circled the Antarctic Circle, understanding how big and what the Antarctic was, since people have always been curious about this question What did we benefit from him? Captain James Cook was a magnificent person. He has helped mankind discover Antarctica as well as overcoming scurvy and doing all sorts of things different explorers would do. What do all the explorers have in common?
They all travelled to harsh environments
Vasco Da Gama, Ernest Shackleton and Captain James Cook all had changed the beliefs and discovered things that changed the world
Lots of places were named after these explorers because of their efforts and changes to the world Conclusion

James Cook was an amazing navigator and person. He has changed lots of the beliefs, but most importantly the finding of Antarctica, since it was not encountered by Europeans before so little is known about Terra Australis (Antarctica). If we didn't have him, maybe we would need to rely on someone as bright and brave as him to do this task...... Captain Cook's Personality Captain Cook sacrificed himself and got killed by the angry tribe of Hawaiians trying to stop the crew firing at them. He has such a great personality, a very peaceful personality. I think that he won't like to argue with anyone...... I think that Captain James Cook is a great explorer and navigator. He has such a good personality, and he is very brave to go to the Antarctic and go to numerous other places in the World. He had made huge changes to the world, know what is Antarctica (Terra Australis) and went to Australia, New Zealand...... Captain James Cook is a great genius. Without him, we might be still thinking whether there is a piece of land under New Zealand. Captain James COOK
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