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EL Case Study

No description

Melissa Sanchez

on 21 November 2015

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Transcript of EL Case Study

6th grade female student at Wilson Elementary located in Lynwood, CA
Enrolled in my after-school program
Recently moved from El Salvador
2 younger brothers
Level 1: Beginning, language proficiency -- does not speak English
Parents also do not speak English
One of the many EL students I have in my program
Purpose of Case Study
To analyze the hardships EL students are exposed to in the education system, and how they work to overcome these obstacles.
School Demographics
K-6 school
681 students enrolled
33 credentialed teachers
95.3% Hispanic or Latino
98.2% socioeconomically disadvantaged
68.9% English Learners
19:1 average class ratio
API score: 3/10
Mainstream classrooms
Classroom observations
Interviews with case study students, her family, classroom teacher, and after-school staff
Aylin's struggles with following lessons in class when presented in her L2
Aylin understands the material when presented in her L1
Teacher states that she is a bright student, a fast learner, and receives good grades despite her language proficiency
Teacher tries to conduct her lessons in both English and Spanish
Teacher integrates scaffolding and SDAEI in her class
The only limitations that I had throughout this case study was my inability to interact with the principal. Unfortunately, through the process of my case study, our principal passed away from a brave battle with breast cancer. The school also did not have any effective programs for EL students, or students with disabilities, so it was difficult to get information regarding any materials or resources used to help EL students.
Word Walls for more visual learning
Read-Alouds for exposure to various genres, familiarity with the sounds of English language, introduces organization and flow of written English
Bilingual Education Program to teach English through usage of L1 and L2
Case Study Student:
Aylin Reynosa
EL Case Study
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