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Safety Precautions for Permanent Waving

No description

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of Safety Precautions for Permanent Waving

Safety Precautions
Always Protect your client's clothing. Have the client change into a gown, use a waterproof shampoo cape, and double drape with towls to absorb accidental spills.
Do not give a permanent to any client who has experienced an allergic reaction to a previous permanent.
Always examine the scalp before the perm service. Do not proceed if there are any skin abrasions or signs of scalp disease.
Do not perm hair that is excessively damaged or shows signs of breakage.
If there is a possibility that metallic haircolour has been previously used on the hair, perform a test for metallic salts.
Always apply protective barrier cream around the client's hairline and ears prior to applying permanent waving solution.
Do not dilute or add anything to the waving lotion or neutralizer unless specified in the manufacturer's directions.
Keep waving lotion out of the client's eyes. In case of accidental exposure, rinse thoroughly with cool water.
Always follow the manufacturer's directions.
Wear gloves when applying solutions.
Immediately replace cotton or towels that have become wet with solution.
Do not save any opened, unused waving solution or neutralizer. When not used promptly, these chemicals may change in strength and effectiveness.
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