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League of Legends

No description

Timothy Le

on 6 July 2012

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Transcript of League of Legends

By:Timothy Le League of legends is a free real time strategy game created by RiotGamesInc LEAGUE OF LEGENDS Marc Tryndamere Merill LoL President League of Legends Gameplay and objective The objective of League of Legends is to destroy the enemy nexus or on dominion the objetive is to capture points to destroy the enemy nexus. Summoners Rift Twisted Treeline Crystal Scar Summoners Rift 5v5 biggest map in game Usally takes around
30-45 mins Baron Buff Strongest buff in game

Spawns at around 15mins Also +300g Twisted Treeline 3v3 map Smallest map in game Usally takes from
20-30mins Crystal Scar 5v5 map,but no like summoners rift

Similar to domination on Mw3 your goal is to capture points
to drain the enemy nexus JARVAN IV Cost:4800ip or 975 rp
Ultimate:Cataclysm Usally takes 15-25 mins Malzahar
The prophet of the Void Cost:6300 ip or 975 rp

Ultimate: Nether Grasp Cost:3150 ip or 975 rp

Ultimate: Finales Funkeln Lux
The Lady of Luminosity MOBAFIRE Online site that shows you what to by in store This is what i have been working on this quarter
making builds for the game league of legends so you can build your champion. Like being a carry,support,dps,mage, or tank. ip is the in game money

rp is real money

Ulimate is the champion strongest spell

A champion is like a charecter.

Words or abbreviations that you should know Cs=Creep score -This is how many monsters you hve killed Mia=Missing in action - The champion is not in battle

Champion=The charecters

Gg=good game

AoE=area of effect

Dps= Damage per second
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