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Hannah Gruhn

on 30 January 2015

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Transcript of Uranus


mythological origin of Uranus
how many years does it take for Uranus to orbit the sun
Uranus takes 84.3 earth years to orbit the sun. since a year takes just about 84 earth years. it will be 2099 on its next orbit.
the average distance from Uranus to the sun
kilometers- 2,877,000,000
miles- 1,787,000,000
part of the presentation
temperature range for Uranus
the gravity of Uranus
7th from the sun

Uranus's atmosphere
probes of Uranus
what I've learned
Hannah's part of the presentation
Uranus is seventh in line from the sun which means it does not get a lot of sunlight. it is behind, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars Jupiter, and Saturn
the range of the temperature is -353 degrees F to -371 degrees F and it is -216* degrees C to -210°C
Uranus is one of the coldest planets.
Uranus was named after the Greek god of the sky.
one day

One day lasts 17 hours and 14 minutes because Uranus is a very small planet and does not take very long to rotate.
63 objects the size of Earth could fit into Uranus.
Uranus is four times the size of Earth.
If you weigh 100 pounds,on Uranus you'd weigh 91 pounds.
Uranus is mostly a solid because it is made of ice.
Uranus's atmosphere is just like Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter. they all have icy atmospheres.
I really
I really don't think a person could live on Uranus because of what it is made of. it is VERY cold and there is no way that a person could stand -300*. if there is other creatures living in the galaxy that can some how stand all of the coldness I guess it is possible.Also it is pretty far away from the sun so it doesn't get much sun light.
The end of Emma's
there were no probes sent to Uranus, but the space craft Voyager 2 was sent there in 1986
Earths density is 5.51.3 g/cm3
The density of Uranus is much smaller it is 1.27 g/cm3.
The Width of Uranus
Uranus is 31,763 miles around or 51,118 kilometers
Uranus has 89% of Eaths gravity
The order of the planets
Earth is 12, 756 kilometers or 7,926.3352 miles around.
Seasons of Uranus
The layers of Uranus
The orbit of the planets
Common Elements found on Uranus
There are 27 moons fouund on uranus 5 large and 22 small scientists think there are more but have not yet identifyed them. Titania is the largest and is covered with craters and the five other moons are named umbreil, Ariel, Miranda, and Oberon.
What does yoour planet look like?
Uranus is a blue green planet with 10 rings. It also has a giant fault deeper than 12 grand canyons.It also has large and small craters.
Fun Facts
Uranus gets its blue green color from the 2% Methane gas in its atmosphere. Uranus was discovered by Sir William Herschel in 1781. Uranus is nicknamed "ice giant"
fun fact
Uranus was the first planet to be seen with a telescope. you also can't see it with a naked eye. Uranus is the third biggest planet.
The end of Hanna's and Emma's Presentations
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