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Let's practice 2SHTs for the MEAN

Section E2

Jennifer Edmonds

on 2 November 2013

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Transcript of Let's practice 2SHTs for the MEAN

Let's Practice 2SHTs for the mean
Incorporate your data summaries and 2SHT template screen shots and add your example above.
use the 2012 Automobiles dataset
Since we need to compare TWO samples, I will compare Manual & Automatic transmission types...
It looks like manual transmissions types see slightly higher highway fuel efficiency...
when we take a closer look at the data, my claim seems to be strongly supported...
...based on the direction of my claim, this is a ONE tailed test...
based on the large sample size(s), this is a z-test
the OBS value is MUCH larger than the CRIT value,
and the p-value is REALLY small,

so we can reject the null!
Each circle outlines an example, insert your example inside one of the blue circle frames.
...and then add it to the path
here is what you would actually type in to calculate the OBS value:
Manual transmission types (in the 2012 set of vehicles) really DO achieve higher fuel efficiency on the highway.
this example completed by Dr. Edmonds
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