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Teaching in Thirdspace: Emerging Territories for Language Education

Regardless if one studies Edward Soja, Ray Oldenburg or Homi Bhabha, the idea of thirdspace points to an alternative to traditional binary relationships such as real/imagined, home/work or even here/there.

Kevin Gaugler

on 21 October 2016

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Transcript of Teaching in Thirdspace: Emerging Territories for Language Education

Teaching ...
in Thirdspace internships study groups study abroad language housing service learning extra curricular activity "A revolution
that does not produce
a new space
has not realized
its full potential..." -Henri Lefebvre
Augmented Ubiquitous Location-based physical virtual cyber-space Campus Classroom Community course management systems classroom dormroom here there "A Houston Community College pilot held in spring
2009 compared study habits of two groups of
students enrolled in the same anatomy course. One
group, issued mobile devices, was found to work
on the course during spare moments such as while
waiting for appointments. The other group, using only
desktop computers, appeared to spend less time
overall working with the course content online."

-Horizons Report 2010 Hotseat Smartmap Sightseeing Google Goggles Cathy's Book Bing University of Phoenix Siftables References : @gaugler #3space (845) 669-0879 study abroad internships lectures clubs study groups service learning Metaversity
Innovating the 21st-Century University: It’s Time! © 2010 Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams http://gaugler.delivr.com/10wsq Google Education Disruption Thirdness Milo LarnGear A presentation by Dr. Kevin Gaugler MAALLT-SEALLT 2010 http://delicious.com/gaugler/thirdspace
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