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Death of the Water

No description

Ana Galicia

on 21 October 2011

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Transcript of Death of the Water

Death of the Water By:Ana Selena Galicia Molecules and ions can be moved against their concentration gradient called active transport requires expenditure energy.Passive transport moves molecular substances across membranes, passive transport depends on permeability which depends on lipids and proteins. What is required to preform Active and Passive transport? What happens to your cells when you drink to much water? http://drbenkim.com/drink-too-much-water-dangerous.html
http://www.buzzle.com/articles/water-intoxication.html As your circulatory system becomes diluted with excess water, the concentration of electrolytes in your blood will drop. In an effort to maintain an equal balance of electrolytes between your blood and your cells, water will seep into your cells from your blood, causing your cells to swell and possibly burst. It is not safe to drink seawater because the water is considered hypertonic, due to its high solute content. Therefore it's not a very bright idea to drink seawater, you can get really sick and die in a painful death.The solute content in seawater is really high, which is hypertonic(more molecules on the outside). Causing all the molecules to try to get in, making it expand and explode. That it can kill you.
Why is it not safe to drink salt water? Who should be more careful about drinking too much water? Water intoxication is commonly seen from babies and sometimes athletes. A baby can get water intoxication as a result of drinking infant formula that has been diluted too much. Athletes sweat heavily, losing both water and electrolytes. Water intoxication result when a dehydrated person drinks too much water without the accompanying electrolyte. What is Water Intoxication? Water Intoxication is caused by high amounts of water consumption in a short amount of time gives rise to a life-threatening problem.
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