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About whaling?

Gwen Tee

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Whaling

Whaling Against Whaling History In 1946, Australia became one of the 15 nations to
sign the International Convention for the Regulation
of Whaling; Japan did not eventhough conservation
was not the aim back then.

The primary species hunted are the common minke whale
and Antarctic minke whale.
Antartic Minke Whale The Killing Method
-Explosive Harpoon-
Different views from different culture.
Western people see whales as sentient creatures.
Movies such as Free Willy and the Cove discourages
people like us from whaling The Love for Whales Whales are Intelligent creatures
Spindle cells
Highly Socialble Safety of eating Whale Meat Economic No humane way in killing whales Whaling in Faroe Islands Animal Rights
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