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No description

Emma Qi

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of IKEA

More and more competitors entering low price furnishings market

Recession of economy would affect real estate market and subsequent furniture sales Market Share: Market Strategy: 5%-10% market share 301 stores in 41 countries 9.5% sales increase Target Market: Age of 18-49

College students, young professional, and budget-conscious families Differentiated Segmentation Asian Market Small space Storage Innovative shopping experience Products Price Promotion Place Bright colours and minimalist designs

9,500 products (2012)

Various services Low-cost furniture provider Train, Japan IKEA Catalog Covers, 1951-2009
http://www.flickr.com/photos/41285403@N03/3860780564 IKEA World’s Biggest Rack, south train station in Vienna Direct marketing
TV and radio commercials
Creative advertisements on billboards
Social media IKEA Billboard, Decorate for the holidays, New York IKEA's distribution channel

Strong relationship with suppliers

Stores include showrooms and warehouses

Online shopping available Iris Hsu
Angela Lee
Emma Qi
Natalie Wong
Ai Jia Xie SWOT ANALYSIS MARKET SITUATION 500 DAYS OF SUMMER THE CAMPAIGN Marketing Plan Execution Answer: They're all Strengths!! Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Affordable, high quality products
Achieves economies of scale
Large product range
Strong global brand
Unique Store and Shopping Experience
Committed To Social Responsibility Meeting different customer demands from different cultures and countries

Not many stores within each region, especially in North American and Asian markets THE LIFE IMPROVEMENT PROJECT Began in 2010

Primarily in the US

Contributes to the 'Save the Children' foundation EXPOSURE INTERACTIVE WEBSITE SOCIAL MEDIA TELEVISION 2 Million Followers 3.1 Million Viewers 6.5 Million Viewers RESULTS Sales Increased 7.4% 2012 Sales = $36.7 Billion 61% of viewer’s
of IKEA products
Made 26% of customers to highly consider to visit IKEA to renovate their kitchens = $300 Million SALES BRAND PERCEPTION GOODWILL & COSTS $1 for every home improvement entry
$57,000 of gift cards
$100 000 to the winner's charity of choice Expand in North American and Asian markets

Create life-long/loyal customers THE 4 Ps The IKEA "Maze" IKEA self service warehouse Penetrate further into North America,
particularly, United States Marketing Objectives Increase brand awareness & social responsibility in consumers Increase sale figures MARKETING
OBJECTIVES Marketing Issues Uprising Housing Market Not for the rich but for the wise Low-pricing positioning Q: Who was the founder of IKEA? a) Bill Gates
b) Ingvar Kamprad
c) Stephen Harper
d) Sir Kal ANSWER:
b) Ingvar Kamprad Founded IKEA in 1943 Home buyers & sellers
+ people buying furniture
= renovations Strengths a) their innovative shopping experience

b) their wide range of products to target various consumers

c) their strong global brand ensuring consistent quality standards

d) their active involvement in charitable organizations that help underprivileged families and youth

e) their environmental sustainability, utilizing recyclable materials and methods that require less energy and waste

f) NONE OF THE ABOVE Q: Which of the following is NOT an IKEA strength? THANK YOU! Price each year by 2.60% Value-based pricing method Successful Marketing Marketing Objectives and Issues In Conclusion... Total Revenue in EUR billion 2011-2012 Storage Space Quality Cost
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