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Gaia? Or Gaea?

No description

Rita Frie

on 7 December 2013

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Transcript of Gaia? Or Gaea?

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Gaia? Or Gaea?
Gaia's name can be spelled either way. Her more common names are Mother Earth or Mother Nature. She is also called the Mother Of All Monsters.
From WHERE?!!
Gaia was born out of Chaos along with her 2 siblings, Tatarus and Uranus. She was married to her brother, Uranus, and gave birth to the giants, many kinds of monsters, and the titans.
Family Feud
Gaia was growing unhappy with the amount of power her husband had. She gave her favorite son, Cronus, a sickle and ordered him to kill Uranus. Cronus sliced off his head and assumed power
Rock Children
Gaia gave Cronus a prophecy that stated his children would overthrow him. Cronus did not want to lose his power so when Rhea gave birth to his children, he swallowed them whole. Gaia was so upset that when Rhea gave birth to her final child, she helped Rhea hide him and gave Cronus a rock to eat.
The Greatest Goddess
Gaia was one of the first worshiped gods. She was one of the oldest gods and one of the most important. Although she was one of the first worshiped, she became under appreciated and was overshadowed by the Olympians. She fell into a coma-like sleep and will sleep forever.
Uranus and Gaia with four of her children
Meet The Titans
Gaia had 16 titan children, 12 boys and 6 girls. Some of the most famous ones include:
Gaia handing her newborn son to a nymph
Gaia rising from the Earth to see the results
A mosaic of Gaia
Gaia wrapped in the sea
Things To Do
Gaia is the Earth and controls are the the Earth in her coma-like sleep. Her symbols are the Earth and fruit.
Gaia as we know her
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