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No description

Jaclyn Grace Flinspach

on 1 October 2014

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Transcript of KKK

Founded on Christmas Eve, 1865
Was founded during the reconstruction of the South after the Civil War
They tend to be against immigration.
Jaclyn Flinspach
Marisa Repp
Arielle Smith

Founded in Pulaski, TN by Calvin E. Jones, John B. Kennedy, Frank O. McCord, John C. Lester, Richard R. Reed, and James R. Crowe
The Ku Klux Klan is a group of white, Christian, American supreme-racists, both male and female who believe that all non-Caucasian individuals are inferior to themselves. That others have no place in the United States. They believe the U.S. is only truly home to white Christians, and that their race and religon are superior to all others.
Current - They are located throughout the United States.
Past - In the early years of the Klan they were located in the southeastern states of the USA.
The KKK is also starting organizations in Germany, Australia, the UK, and Canada
One thing unique about the KKK is the general violence in which they express their beliefs:
Killing, assaulting, burning houses, threatening lives are just some of the ways they show their "superiority".
This symbol is the most common one seen for the KKK.
The red apostrophe in the middle represents Jesus' sacrifice for the White Aryan Race.
This symbol was first used during the civil war.
In the late 1940s the KKK started to use the Confedarate Flag as their symbol.
Soon the Dixiecrat Party (a group of college students opposing the civil rights movement) was using this symbol.
It represented them until the 1970s.
To the KKK and Dixiecrats it represents the opposition of equal rights to African Americans.
Klabee: treasurers
Klavern: local organization
Imperial Kleagle: recruiter
Klecktoken: initiation fee
Kligrapp: secretary
Klonvocation: gathering
Kloran: ritual book
Kloreroe: delegate
Imperial Kludd: chaplain
To ask if you are part of the Klan say AYAK, which means "Are you a Klansman?"
To reply, say AKIA, which means "A Klansman I am."
These words are just some of the secret words they use:
The burning cross symbolizes the modern Klan groups, they call it "cross lighting".
It wasn't until D.W. Griffin's film "The Clansman" came to theatres that the KKK started this ritual.
This image shows an African American being executed by the KKK.
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