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No description

Larkin Nance

on 25 January 2015

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Pending Memberships
Highlight info needed on document and file correctly!
Pending Memberships
Check Household Maintenance and make sure all ticklers are removed -- then file with FINISHED forms
Fitness Registration
Cancellation Form
New Renewal Form
Memberships & Programs
Pending Memberships (please
Monthly Memberships
Semester Memberships
Approved to Pay/Outreach
Programs/Approved to Pay
Check salmon sheet to see if it needs to be filled!
Approved to Pay (Google Doc)
Swim/Outreach/Events (Must already be listed in the doc)
Split Payments
Semester Memberships
Sponsor Requirements (Must be ACTIVE student)
Monthly Memberships
Changing expiration date
All lockers must expire before or on 4/30/2015
Mark months paid
Visiting Paperwork
Alumni Association:
Previously Enrolled Students: Check last FEESPAID membership
Pass/Member Maintenance
HHM still have info to fill out and need paperwork
Available Lockers are now in Google Doc
Switching Lockers
No more mistakes on membership forms
If you are unsure, please ask!
Be knowledgeable about up and coming programs and prices
Stronger RecTrac knowledge
Fill out new purple sheet
Sell them a new locker but do not erase ID number on old locker in google doc
Personal Training PAID
Guest Passes:
Please make sure sponsor side is filled out and please circle 1-Day or 5-Day and initial!
Charge them $30 if before 1 year (Point of Sale)
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