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Socialization and Enculturation

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Richie Dilla

on 22 July 2016

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Transcript of Socialization and Enculturation

Socialization and Enculturation
Enculturation is the process by which people learn the requirements of their surrounding culture and acquire the values and behaviors appropriate or necessary in that culture.

The Three Goals of Socialization
Jeffrey J. Arnett
The Theory of Social Self
Three Activities that develop the Self


George Herbert Mead
Mead and the Development of the Social Mind (Self)
Socialization refers to a lifelong social experience by which people develop their human potential and learn culture.

What is Socialization?
What is Enculturation?
First, socialization teaches impulse control and helps individuals develop a conscience.
Second, socialization teaches
individuals show to preform certain
social roles.
Third, socialization cultivates
shared sources of learning and value.

In his 1995 paper "Broad and Narrow Socialization: The Family in the Context of a Cultural Theory," Sociologist Jeffrey J. Arnett outlined his interpretation of the three primary goals of socialization.
Develops self by allowing individuals to respond to each other using symbols, gestures, words, and sounds.

Develops self by allowing individuals to respond to each other using symbols, gestures, words, and sounds.

Develops self by allowing individuals to take on different roles, pretend and express expectations from others.

The ''I" can be considered as the present or the future of the self.
The "me" is considered the specialized aspect of the individual.
The 'self' is a sociological concept. According to George Herbert Mead, it develops through social interactions. It consists of two dualities.
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