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Death of a Salesman

biff is pulled in two different directions by Ayla Mangold

Ayla Mangold

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Death of a Salesman

Double click anywhere & add an idea BIFF obligation Dreams The character Biff, in Death of Salesman is torn between two factions in the Play. One part of his mind feels obligated to help support his family, the other wishes to pursue his dreams out west. This struggle relates to the play's theme of finding ones place or personal dreams in society. Biff feels obligated to stay in New York and support his parents due to thier monetary situation.
Willy has been trying to kill himself and is very depressed over the little achievement Biff has made in life. Pressured by his mother,Biff tries to get a job as a salesman in order to make his father proud and keep him alive. "Biff, his life is in your hands!"-Linda Biff has spent the last few years out west working as a farm hand. He is most content in the open air,working with his hands.There's nothing greater to him than working in nature and seeing the product of his efforts. Biff hates both New York city and the Salesman buisness, which he considers a phony career, it is a struggle for him to choose the path his father desires for him and give up his own dreams of a hardworking, basic life. "I hate this city and I'll stay here"-Biff By the end of the play Biff makes the decision to abandon the ideals Willy has for his son and follow his own American Dream. In discovering his own mind,Biff escapes the fate of his father and many Americans today. The people of the present society sacrifice thier own personal American dream for an undesired path that has the conviences of money and higher living. Conclusion "Why am I trying to become something I don't want to become?"-Biff Death of a Salesman.
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