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City bus


Gerald Abito

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of City bus

City bus Many People depend on the bus for transportation Like Students individuals who work and others some bus only runs twice or three times a day depending on the route Another problem is the bus stops t The city bus lacks stops
depending on where you live and
how close it is. for some, it takes them a quick walk to get to their stops,
but for others, it takes them an additional 10 to 15 minutes.
Imagine walking in this weather. But, there are many problems that makes riding the bus challenging. Like the scarcity of the bus that runs per day. Some buses run the whole day, others twice to three times depending on the route. it will cost more time, energy as well as accidents occuring. addition to the problems are additional problems that come with that are the roofs or coverings for the stops some stops have roofs and coverings
other do not.
Most of them looks like this. it doesn't give any protection to passengers imagine a crazy inconsiderate person driving by like this. What if you are dressed for an interview and this happened?
You will be late, and have a high chance of not getting the job. The wait time for the bus And the inconsistency of arrival and dismissal the usual wait time for the bus is thirty minutes to an hour.
It may not seem much, but for some reason you
miss the bus, it's going to put you to thirty minutes to an hour
behind schedule From time to time, buses are inconsistent.
passengers would need to switch buses to get to their destination.
which means that their alloted wait time would be an additional thirty minutes to an hour. There are many solutions to these problems The government needs to put more buses.
Build more and place convenient bus stops with covers
fix the schedule for convenience of passengers and to prevent the inconsistency of the city bus.
These are just some of the problems passengers face everyday But these will not happen automatically.
One person doesn't have the power to make that happen.
The community needs to speak up. If more people speak up, the probability that the government will listen is higher
So speak up
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