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What is Procedural Text?

Procedural Text 7th/8th ELAR

Rebecca Galvan

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of What is Procedural Text?

By: Rebecca Galvan Understanding Procedural Text Define Procedural Text Procedural Text is a type of text meant to explain the steps of a process. Many times procedural text requires the reader to interpret the information. Types of Procedural Texts: Procedural Text Features Goal or Aim: portion of procedural text that states what is to be done

Materials: a list of items needed in order to complete the process, usually listed in order of use

Method: the way in which the process will be completed, AKA steps taken

Evaluation: the measurement or assessment of how successful the procedure was Procedural Text Language The text is usually:
Written in the simple present tense
Focuses on generalized people rather than a specific person (you take, you chop, etc.)
Uses action verbs (cut, fold, twist, measure)
Linking words to do with time (first, when, then)
Detailed information on how (carefully, in a pan) where (from the top, in the oven) and when (after it has been mixed)
Detailed factual description (shape, size, color) On a sheet of paper draw a square,
triangle, rectangle, and a circle. Does your picture look like this? How To Manuals Recipes Projects
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