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The Hunger Games and Divergent

No description

Emma Millard

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of The Hunger Games and Divergent

The Hunger Games and Divergent
Sixteen year old Beatrice "Tris" Prior is faced with a choice between her family and her personal beliefs in a world where factions separate the population by personality. She chooses to transfer from Abnegation, the selfless faction, to Dauntless, the daring faction. Tris finds out she doesnt fit in anywhere because her personality fits into three factions rather than one making her divergent. As a result, the government finds her a threat.
Finding Flaws in the Government
The Hunger Games
Katniss Everdeen is forced by the capitol to fight 23 other teens in the annual Hunger Games. She and a boy named Peeta Mellark are selected from District 12 to represent their distict in the Hunger Games. While in the Games she does things to help others, and keep herself alive. The citizens and the capitol take her actions as an act of rebellion.
The Hunger Games
by Suzanne Collins and
by Veronica Roth portray rebellion in three ways: Katniss and Peeta winning the Hunger Games, Tris being Divergent, and both finding flaws in the government.
Tris Being Divergent
Katniss and Peeta Winning
Kamden's Personal Statement
Emma's Personal Statement
Our Books
Theme defined
Katniss and Peeta are the only tributes left in the end of the hunger games, and neither of them wish to kill each other, so they decide to kill themselves at the same time. When the game makers witness this occurrence, they announce to them that they have both been declared victors. The two "star-crossed lovers" are thrilled to be alive, although they do not realize their actions were a huge act of rebellion by not giving the capitol what they want, and forcing them to bend the concrete rules of the Hunger Games. They now have more power over the citizens than the capitol would like them to have, therefore; Katniss and Peeta pose a threat to the capitols power.
Tris finds out she is divergent after she takes her aptitude test where the woman who helped with it tells her, " This is different. I don't mean you should share [your results] now; I mean you should never share them with anyone, ever, no matter what happens. Divergence is extremely dangerous. You understand?" She has to keep her divergence a secret because it is a threat to the government. Her being "Divergent" is rebellion against the government because they are trying to get rid of everyone of her kind. She cannot be controlled; therefore, she is a rebel.
Defined by dictionary.com, rebellion is "resistance to or defiance of any authority, control, or tradition." Tris and Katniss rebel against their dystopian authority. In Tris's case she is defying the society wide idea that every single person belongs in one certain faction. Katniss rebels against the capitol simply by being the strong self-less person that she is, and becoming the face of the rebellion that is soon to happen.
In The Hunger Games and Divergent, both Katniss and Tris are targeted by their governments because they are a threat. The reason why they are a threat is because they see the flaws in their governments which the average citizen does not. Citizens would not dare to offend the government because of the repercussions. However, Katniss and Tris are both unique individuals who are able to spot the government's flaws, and rebel by acting on their powerful knowledge.

I went to a Catholic school for Kindergarten through 8th grade and we had to wear uniforms. There were a lot of rules that went along with these uniforms. For example, we had to wear a belt and tuck our shirts in. However, I really didn't like tucking my shirt in, so I rebelled against the authority of my school and didn't tuck in my shirt most of the time.
To me rebellion can either be positive or negative. When it is used positively it can change everything, as shown in Divergent and The Hunger Games. Although I am not very rebellious myself, I know that rebellion would be a successful way to get what I wanted.
All in all, although Tris and Katniss eventually become strong rebels, they do not know what they have started at first with just simple acts. Acts of rebellion such as, Katniss and Peeta winning the Games, Tris being Divergent, and both finding flaws in the government blossom into huge revolutions.
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