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Drugs and Drug Addictions

Passion based project

Cj Ortiz

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Drugs and Drug Addictions

Drugs and
Drug Addictions What is an 'Addiction' ? An 'Addiction' is the fact or condition of being addicted
to something in particular, in this case that particular thing is drugs. What are some types of drugs
that someone could easily get addicted
to? LSD (Acid) LSD or Acid, is a drug that is on paper that is licked or swallowed, it does not have odor, color, nor taste. Once you go on an 'Acid trip' you do not go back. In an 'Acid trip', you hallucinate and see many different types of things. It also depends on the mood you are in. Trying Acid when you are in a depressed mood, or angry mood will make you see things you wish you have never seen, you could be chased by Satan for 12 hours straight. But if you try Acid when you are in a happy mood the complete opposite will happen. Acid and many other drugs like 'shrooms, and ecstasy make you trippy for hours, and see things that you will never see in the real world, the main thing that is not recommended to do when you are on one of these drugs is to look into a mirror, it is said that it is truly terrifying. Physical changes include dilated pupils, increased heart rate and blood pressure, trembling and shaking, sweating, sleeplessness, and loss of appetite. Marijuana (Weed) Marijuana or Weed is probably the most illegal used drug in America, most of the people who use weed are teenagers or people in their mid 20s. Weed can be smoked, and also baked into food like brownies, so it is easier to hide from people, police, and will taste sweeter. Effects from Weed include 'The Munchies' which is basically, when you eat everything you can find because you're hungry. Other effects depend on who you are because some people experience getting relaxed when consuming Weed, others get extremely hyper, lost, happy, or just laugh about the smallest things. There aren't really any side effects from weed except for memory loss, and loss of brain cells, other than that, weed is harmless, this is one of the reasons many people want Weed to be legalized. Crystal Meth or Meth Like Cocaine, Meth can be snorted which is basically like sniffing a substance up your nose. Meth can also be smoked in a crystal-like pipe like the one shown to the side. Meth is probably the most messed up drug ever, it will decrease your life-span, make your life miserable, and make you look like a homeless guy. Unlike Cocaine that is a natural plant, and looks powdery, Meth is a crystal-like looking substance that is lab-made by drug dealers. Meth is the most addictive type of drug made by man, it will surely not matter to you once you try Meth, because it will surely make you die sooner. Letting all your emotions out by snorting that cocaine, inhaling and exhaling that blunt, swallowing those pills, hallucinating, injecting heroine into your body, all are fun things you'll experience while doing, but in the end that won't solve your problems, it'll make you forget about them, and will make you addicted, and you'll end up looking back and saying 'that wasn't worth it at all'. By: C.J. Ortiz
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