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Semiconductor Business Introduction

Hong Ju Nam

gunjoong kim

on 24 April 2012

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Transcript of Semiconductor Business Introduction

SAM SUNG SEMICONDUCTOR Semiconductor? Non-conductor Conductor A material allowing the flow of electric current A material that does not allow the flow of electric current Semiconductor A material of which current semi flows...?? We are 1G Mobile DRAM +Appl. processor 8/4GB NAND See? We are always with you IPad 30% Samsung 's products consist of inner components. Business Introduction on the Press Samsung Electronics Semiconductor THIS Is your idea of commuting? Thanks to commuting buses, 30 minutes is all you need! No way! NO WAY! With Flexitime, you can go to work with morning sunshine! The office-going hour ...right...? will always look like Employees can choose when to work, thereby stimulating creative thoughts and encouraging effecient time management. Flexitime? $900,000 $960,000 $1,200,000!! N K Is semiconductor Nano City Life Major Pro ducts T H O U Y Nano City Life A 's WELCOME! something like to you? THIS with you! ALWAYS THIS Investment Semiconductor MP3 SOC 256M Mobile DRAM 8/16GB NAND 512Mb GDDR3 4Gb SLC NAND 128GB SSD 2Gb DDR3 Display Driver IC CMOS
Sensor THIS & Q A World Smartest World Finest World Best World Happiest
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