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survival guide

Gee Ekachai

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of campaignpreso

place/time Campaign Presentation (survival guide) outline May 6, JH 303
2-7 p.m.
15-min presentation
10-min Q&A
quick overview of main points How objectives are measured facts found in research
key issues Conclusion Thank the clients
ask for sell Intro Situation Analysis Theme/Strategies/tactics Budget Evaluation Visuals help
% of ad/pr budgets
Prototypes Preso tips use simple ppt background avoid chunks of text avoid too much detail hit high points; refer to book have Plan B use ppt as cues exhibits
takeaways Powerpoint Tips Show professionalism Dress code:professional or
business casual Watch your nonverbal Smile, show positive attitude Final words Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse Have an "understudy" Good Luck!! Use professional language
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