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The Building Blocks of UAS: Vegetation management

RMUASP June 14, 2016

Dan Staley

on 27 July 2016

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Transcript of The Building Blocks of UAS: Vegetation management

The Building Blocks
of UAS:

Dan Staley
Principal, Analemma Resources LLC

Use the element:
Ceate a unique design:
Vegetation Management
Building Blocks of UAS: Vegetation Management
UAS Colorado - RMUASP Meetup
June 14, 2016 5:00 - 7:00
Dan Staley
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June 14, 2016
Leptron Unmanned Aircraft Systems

New and Emerging Applications

Utility Vegetation Management
and Urban Arboriculture

Utility Vegetation Management (UVM)
Today, inspections performed by trained utility
arborists, walking transmission and distribution
Rights-Of-Way (ROWs) to identify conflicts
Trucks dispatched to manage vegetation per Federal
Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) rules
Today, UVM is big business, labor-intensive and
sometimes dangerous work
UAS and Big Data are poised to disrupt inspections -
EU has begun to use UAS for inspections
EU companies poised to enter North American market
when BVLOS rules enacted (Delair Tech)
Utility Vegetation Management (UVM)
Big Data and data companies will soon become
important drivers and partners in UVM
Aircraft will be just another tool - but who will own and
fly them?
Big Data will also likely be involved in work tracking and
tree growth analysis and prediction
Big Data, Utility Companies and UVM
No clear indicator from utility side whether they will:
Make inspection (UAV flights) in-house
Allow UVM companies to keep inspection
Let third party company fly, collect and analyze
Big Data, Utility Companies and UVM
Make inspection (UAV flights) in-house
Some smaller co-ops may choose this option to maintain control of investments
Harder for larger corporations to make rapid adaptations and hire & maintain staff/fleet
Allow UVM companies to keep inspection
Big Data, Utility Companies and UVM
Some firms will choose to fly because already flying for other jobs
Business Opportunity in This Sector??
Others will contract with third parties to fly both fixed wing (VTOL) and rotor wing missions
A few will drop inspection altogether and just respond to third party dispatch
Let third party company fly, collect and analyze
Big Data, Utility Companies and UVM
Hard to say how deeply third party firms will penetrate UVM market (any ideas out there?)
Opportunity for coordination between pilots/firms and vegetation management
Utility Corridors and UVM
Transmission and Distribution (T&D) Corridors
Likely Tools For T&D Data Collection and Analysis
Spot inspections
Flot Systems consortium
Likely Tools For T&D Data Collection and Analysis
Spot inspections
Data company
fixed-wing platform
Multispectral flown with --->
Likely Tools For T&D Data Collection and Analysis
Multispectral flown with --->
Predictive vegetation growth modeling
Drone Arboriculture
Will greatly advance tree care without negative
disruption (jobs won't go away)
Visual: inspection, risk assessment, throwline,
estimates, marketing
Near IR: water stress in woody plants &turf, turf
compaction (golf course, large landscapes)
Drone Arboriculture
Multispectral monitoring and species identification
Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI)
"Vertical Precision Ag with larger plants"
Trees in Public Right of Way (PROW), parks
Accompany visual or LiDAR devices
Drone Arboriculture: Who?
Private tree care companies
Some younger arborists ready to begin -
awaiting Part 107 clarity
Very early stages of adoption
Flight near trees inherently risky -
barrier to adoption for some
What is Purpose of Visual - NIR Flight?
Remote Sens. 2014, 6, 12837-12865; doi:10.3390/rs61212837
A Versatile, Production-Oriented Approach to High-Resolution
Tree-Canopy Mapping in Urban and Suburban Landscapes
Using GEOBIA and Data Fusion
Drone Arboriculture: Who?
Public sector
Pests: Emerald Ash Borer
Inventory, water stress, code violations
Public information, awareness
Drone Arboriculture: Near Future?
Public and private sector aerial spray operations
In development in FL orchards (citrus greening),
Napa Valley vineyards
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UAS and Arboriculture
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Arboriculture and Urban Heat Island, Rooftop Solar Power, Urban Design
Development for Tree Care Firms
Utility Vegetation Management (UVM)
Who Wants It, Who Will Do It
UAS as a disruptive technology in UVM
Near-future outlook
Drone Arboriculture
Brief Overview of Potential Opportunities
Historical UAV Connections
Radioplane Munitions Factory, 1944
OQ-2 Radioplane, the first mass-produced U.S. UAV - Photo: David Conover
Norma Jeane Dougherty
Capt. Ronald Reagan
Generally performed in developed, populated
areas in cities - sometimes rural areas
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