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Overfishing Prezi

No description

Zack Shaw

on 17 July 2018

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Transcript of Overfishing Prezi

Background photo by t.shigesa
Overfishing Activity
You will work in groups of 4
Your group represents your Fishing Company!
Create a name for your company!
Each year, you'll go fishing
At the end of each year, the fish will repopulate!
don't value smaller fish
fish (selectively growing fish for "higher quality")
Fish are fed other, smaller fish at a 5:1 ratio
Does not create more fish!
Fishing Facts
Overfishing began during the
____________ Revolution
(starting around the 1840's)
Overfishing Video
Defining Overfishing
The process of fishing too much, and too quickly...
Overfishing means that too many fish are being removed from their natural habitats...
Not enough fish are reproducing...
The population becomes unstable and declines!
fishing - we will run out of fish if we continue OVERFISHING!!
Fishing Nets can:
Be the size of
4 football fields
500 tons of fish
(about the weight of 6,500 people)
Fishing "Bycatch"
Ocean life that is
unintentionally caught
75% of fish are bycatch
and not used by the fishermen
Trawling can Destroy
Fishing Nets
The ability for something to be used, but not destroyed or permanently damaged
Fish can be sustainable because in a population, some fish can be caught while others can reproduce
Overfishing is unsustainable
If we keep fishing at this rate, by 2060 the world's fisheries will have collapsed!! No more fish!
Balance is needed! Now it's your turn to practice!

Careful Balance
Safe Catch Limits
Protection of endangered or important habitats
New technologies
Fishing nets
Farm-raised fish
How do we get our fish?
How many people are there on Earth?
What did you notice as your group purchased more advanced technology?
As time increased?
What happened in the last round, with the most effective technologies at your disposal and most time?
What were some of the strategies your company came up with when fishing?
What happens when there are no more fish to be caught?
What do you think
Year #2-X
Each year, the number of Rotini fish in your ocean double due to reproduction
However, problems might occur.....
Scientists have found a new species of fish:
Block fish

Block fish are an
invasive species
and are carnivorous: each year, they eat 1 Rotini fish, unless they are caught
Block fish are new and consumers are excited for a new fish flavor: block fish are worth $3 each
Each year, include the number of Block fish you catch in the total number of fish on your tables
New Species
Year #1
You will start off with
20 seconds
to fish
There will be 10 Rotini fish in your ocean
You will have one paperclip per group
You can buy new fishing tools whenever you have enough $
Your company operates a fishing vessel in the North Atlantic ocean, where you fish for Cod, Salmon, Haddock, and other saltwater fish. This simulation shows how a fish population may change over time. In the container are 10 rotini pasta to recreate the native Atlantic Cod population.

The population of fish will double from what you end every year with.

You will need to maintain a balance or positive growth in the fish population in order to have sustained success over many years. If you fish too much, your population will suffer! Each fish that you catch is worth $1, which can be traded to buy alternative fishing equipment or saved in your bank. When the challenge ends, the group with the most money will win!
Your ocean will be a paper plate. Place the fish you catch from your ocean onto your boat - a plastic container. If you
drop a fish
before it making it to the container, you
must replace the fish in the ocean.
Every fish you catch will earn you $1. With the money that you earn, you can purchase new technologies to help you catch fish more easily.
n the first year, each group will have one paperclip to use as a fishing pole. You may bend or modify it in any way.
Use the chart to keep track of the beginning fish, number caught, and number remaining.
The number of fish remaining will double each year (from what you end the round with).
The amount of time for fishing will change in each round, in addition to other potential disruptions
Remember to listen to all instructions you are given!

Year ...?
Game Ends!
Count your total $ earned!
We currently have enough resources (fishing boats, nets, and equipment) to fish a planet
_ _%
of the population of large ocean fish that existed
Industrial Revolution

still exists
Industrial Revolution!
only 10% remains today!
Round 2 Starting #
Note: If you do not fish the minimum required, your population starves
(your group sits out the next round - fish still repopulate)

If you do not fish the minimum 2x, your population dies out.
Disruption A: A huge
solar storm
ravages the world's electrical systems; power goes out on your fishing ship
Groups must fish in the dark (turn off all lights)

Disruption B: Fishermen go on
for better wages
: The fishing store is closed this year (no purchases!)

Disruption C: Due to
global warming
, the hurricane season this year starts early and lasts longer
: Halve/shorten the time each group gets to fish

Disruption D: A major
fish epidemic
impacts the fish population, causing newborn fish to die.
: All fish this year fail to reproduce

Disruption E:
Crops fail
this year so more fish need to be caught
Minimum # of fish to catch doubles

Disruption F:
Maximum Catch Limit
laws enacted:
Maximum catch size = 10 fish. If you catch more than this, pay a $5 base fine + $.20 per additional fish over 10.

Disruption G:
kidnap the captain of your fishing vessel
: Pay $5 for their ransom, or if you have less than $5,
pay what you have

Disruption H:
Microbead pollution
requires additional work to make fish consumable, adding another step to supply chain
Effect: Permanently decrease value of all fish by $0.50

Disruption I: Consumers
lose interest
in Block fish
: Permanently decrease value of Block fish by $1
Various disruptions can affect the fishing supply chain, with various causes and effects.
pick a disruption (list to the right)
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