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no name

No description

on 12 February 2016

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Transcript of no name

Cloud as a Growth Engine for Business
Big Data &
5B 'intelligent devices
shipped by 2016 &
22B connected devices by 2020
67% of global consumers
want to use mobile devices to complete retail transactions
20% of business users
replace email as the primary source of communication
40% of people
socialize more online
than they do face-to-face
2x increase in companies
with substantial cloud
implementations by 2014
57% of companies
using cloud for competitive
and cost advantages
CxOs know that's what it takes
to win in today's marketplace
want to
improve response time
want to
understand their customers better
extensive collaboration with clients
are achieving competitive advantage through cloud adopted on broad scale through:
Stategic reinvention
Use cloud
more for
reinventing customer relationships
Better decisions
Use cloud
more for
to derive insights
Deeper collaboration
Use cloud
more to
locate and leverage expertise
Source: IBM Center for Applied Insights Under cloud cover: How leaders are accelerating competitive differentiation that surveyed 802 cloud decision makers and users, spanning 13 countries and 24 industries.
Global C-Suite Study 2013, IBM Institute for Business Value; IBM PureSystems research

Turning cloud into a growth engine starts with the ability to..
It is critical to

about your your path to business success
about a partner that can help you understand and address your business challenges
1. Map out your business challenges and objecives
2. Identify opportunities for innovation and growth
3. Develop a roadmap with specific action points
offers you
Unrivaled expertise and capabilities
Pioneer in thought leadership with 120,000 consultants in over 170 countries
Proven transformation success
Leader in business and strategy consulting and an unmatched software portfolio in 17 industries
100+ years of breakthrough reaserach and innovation
Nobel Prize-winner in innovation and research
An effective cloud strategy can dramatically
improve marketplace competitivness
Improved Economics
Increased Business Scalability
Improved Speed and Adaptability
Reduced Complexity
Easier Client Customization
Better Ecosystem Connectivity

Pacesetting clients are already
showing dramatic business growth
Holistic view
across all of its freight, passenger and logistics operations, so the Slovenian Railways can more effectively maintain and manage the railway traffic across its network.
“We aim to offer highest levels of services to our customer and to do so we need the best of technologies,” said Jovanovič Dragomir, CIO of Slovenian Railways.

60% reduction
in time for customers hosting applications on an Altus IT cloud—compared to clients having to configure and manage their own test and production environments.
"IBM Flex System was our first choice for delivering high performance within the cloud,” Goran Djoreski, CEO of Altus IT.

There are important considerations before you begin to
your cloud enviroment
Cloud impacts all aspects of your organization, so
it' s critical to


about your path to business success
Think it.
Build it.
Tap into it.
Strategize how to use cloud to drive savings and revenue growth.
Build and run your private or hybrid cloud.
Utilize cloud services delivered from IBM's SmartCloud
Cloud infrastructure and design
Cloud workload analysis
Cloud networking strategy
Think it.
The strategy and mix that works for you:
public, private, hybrid
Public cloud
Low entry costs
Highly elastic
Private cloud and IT
Fully custmizable
Robust management
Secure by design
Dynamic hybrid
Best of both worlds.
Better outcomes.
Maximize ROI on existing IT, while moving select workloads to public.

Meet seasonal capacity w/o undue investments in infrastructure.

Quickly extend the value of existing business process & services with SaaS
Build it.
IBM Pure Systems
IBM Cloud & Data Center Services
IBM SmartCloud Orchestration
IBM Private Modular Cloud
You can

tap into

innovation faster with
high-value applicati
ons and services
Develop and deploy applications through a composable, integrated platform
Tap into it.
SoftLayer and SC Enterprise+
SC for Smarter Commerce
SC for Social Business
SC for Smarter Workforce

Clients build and deploy IBMCloud
solutions in various industries
x0.000 more users overnight.
“The ability to add tens of thousands of users overnight is the value of working with SoftLayer” said Safa Sofuoglu, CTO of Peak Games, fastest-growing company in Turkey, the Middle East and North Africa .

ROI and
time to market
significantly improved for Danske Bank Estonia. ITS planned and implemented IBM SmartCloud solution.
It helped the client manage the extension of 16 new branch offices.

x0.000 more users overnight.

“The ability to add tens of thousands of users overnight is the value of working with SoftLayer” said Safa Sofuoglu, CTO of Peak Games, fastest-growing company in Turkey, the Middle East and North Africa .

Think it.
Build it.
Tap into it.
Let IBM help you confidently realize
the benefits of cloud:

The answer is in the Cloud.
Based on thousands of cloud engagements,
Cloud strategy workshop
with IBM can help you determine your cloud startegy
An interactive demonstration
at an IBM Innovation center can help you start building your private or hybrid cloud
Tap into

free trial

Tap into over 100 of our Industry aligned SaaS offerings.
Speed. Empowerment. Economics.
Client trust IBMCloud technologies to build and deploy cloud solutions
1 week > 15 min
Turk Telekom
improved provisioning time
with IBM SmartCloud Entry. Moreover, it opened
the door for further cloud expansion with the client
End to End
Technological Center Pisek
states of art cloud build for
the MSP, ready to serve and
support their customers.
IBM lets you
tap into
Cloud Suites.
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