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Career Investigation Project Rubric

No description

Daphne Melton

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Career Investigation Project Rubric

Daphne Melton
Period 2 Sports Announcer My career objective is to obtain a career as a sports announcer. While being a sports announcer you will have a exciting job.
You will learn the stories of athletes and explain how certain sporting events go.
You will have to explain what the weather is like and how it affects certain athletes.
Lots of times you will have to broadcast how athletes train, eating habits and just their general lifestyle. Career Objective: Job Description: 3 State Colleges that major in Sports Journalism Savannah State University $16,400 a year
Georgia College & State University $8,344
University of West Georgia $2,300 One of out state college:
New York University
$52,000 Georgia College & State university Skills needed for this job:
Knowledge about sports
Good listening skills
Good talking skills You need to have a positive, attitude when doing this. You need to have passion for the sport you are reporting and you also need to have a good relationship with the athletes! Training:
Some sports announcers have on site training. Not everyone has training! Certifications: Many sports announcers have a degree in either broadcasting or communications. After they complete their degree they go and complete a internship somewhere. After that most go to be something lower than what they really are. Many start as equipment operators or something like that and build up to a professional organization. $30,236 for radio
$62,992 for television Salary Range A.L. Haizlip explains that his life is very busy. He is a sports announcer and reports that no day is the same. One day he might watching a game to announce while the next day he would be interviewing athletes. A. L. Haizlip
Sports Announcer Pros:

1. You get to meet your sporting heroes

2. The variety of each day is fantastic


1. Dealing with certain people involved in sporting organisations is difficult

2. A lot of this work is on the weekend so it does mean you don’t spend as much time with your family

3. Realizing that you cannot please everyone as a presenter and that some people will hate you is difficult to accept sometimes

Pros and Cons of the job: Why would you want this job?
Many people want this job because they enjoy sports and love the atmosphere that sport announcers are around. Also people enjoy getting to meet athletes that they look up to.
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