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My Post Modern Life

Nawal Siddique

Nawal Siddique

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of My Post Modern Life

Nawal Siddique The Paranoid Eye The Paranoid Eye The belief that there is something out of the ordinary, while everything remains the same My Postmodern Life Over the past couple of years I have had an overwhelming obsession with the series Criminal Minds; the series is about a group of behavioral analysts who solve murders and catch psychotic people giving the community some peace of mind. Unfortunately for me, this show has had me thinking about things that might be going on around me without anyone knowing such as abductions, murders, rapes or even torture which has created some sort of paranoia in my mind. The stories that are told in the series have consumed me even when I know I am safe. Mary Klages says, "Because modernity is about the pursuit of ever increasing levels of order, modern societies constantly are on guard against anything and everything labeled as "disorder" which might disrupt order. Thus modern societies rely on continually establishing a binary opposition between "order" and "disorder", so that they can assert the superiority or "order". But to do this they have to have things that represent "disorder" -- modern societies thus continually have to create/construct "disorder" (Klages 2007). The quote relates to me because it demonstrates how there is order in households, neighborhood, and all around us in general. However, by watching several seasons of the series it has started to effect me in odd ways. The one thing that people often call me out on is the fact that I cover the webcam on both the laptop and desktop computer as it makes me feel like someone will hack my computer and watch me through the camera. To stop myself from feeling fear and paranoia towards the camera I often place a sticky note over the web cam to stop them from seeing me.. if they actually are. This paranoia causes me to "create/construct disorder" (Klages, 2007) by doing this the order that was originally there is now absent in my house because it starts to worry people which will eventually turn in a sort of paranoia, leading to a greater amount of disorder. Let's Buy Some More "Modernism represented a new social order that emerged in the late 1800's, a technology in an economy is driven by capitalism and consumption" (McGregor, nd.) Your Life is at the Tip of my Fingers Jessup states, "Postmodern social thought offers a strong emphasis on emotions, feelings, intuition, reflection, speculation, personal experience, custom, metaphysics, magic, myth, and mystical experiences" (Jessup 2001). I completely agree with Jessup's statement because I believe that our post modern society and theorists talk through art, photography or even commercials. Magical Realism is a form of art due to the fact that art is something that makes someone think "what was the person thinking when he drew, or painted that?", this would show that the physiological being of the mind is not clear. This would relate to me because when I sketch, people often do not know what I was originally going for, they assume things that might be correct or might not be. Many people (including myself) would agree that art is a dream but on paper, it is like dreaming during the day but making that dream a memory. This brings me to my next point about Lucid Dreaming which I have always heard of and wanted to try; Lucid dreaming is the ability to stay awake consciously and be able to feel, taste, smell, and touch everything in your dream just like you would in reality. Magical Realism connects to this because it causes to dream even when you aren't sleeping. I've got the Magic in Me Religion Language Paranoia, consumerism, techno-culture and hyper reality, irony and playfulness, magical realism, pastiche and meta-narratives are elements that describe my life as being both Post Modern and Modern Knowledge is Technology Grand Meta-Narratives Cultural Mosaic If anyone were to ask me "what couldn't you live without?"- I would have to say my laptop, phone, and iPod. Why? Because these devices are what allows me to keep in contact with my friends. Our world is rapidly turning into a high tech society where we no longer have the ability to refuse technology but to adapt to the new era which leads us to consumerism. McGregor says, "Popular outline is defined as being preoccupied with the idea of novelty and is fascinated with the current (lastest, most recent), with contemporary innovations and whatever seems to be in vogue" (McGregor nd). Recently my family and I have been buying technology such as phones and computers, my dad is also thinking about replacing one of the televisions in our house with another flat screen and buying himself a new iPhone 4s. In the past five years I have bought at least four phones, a new laptop, and after graduation I am buying an iPhone 4 or 4s making my family a consumer of any type of technology, but more to the side of Apple products. Consumerism makes us feel as though we are better than others because of the product we buy (that is, until another company makes something better). Consumerism is a race to be the best, both as a product and the person who has the product. Consumerism is our desire to fit in a post modern society which them becomes our needs. Over the past couple of years the transformation has really been unexplainable due to our overwhelming need of technology. McGregor says, " Popular culture is obsessed with technology" (McGregor nd). This quote completely relates to my postmodern life. Over the years, technology has evolved into something so remarkable it makes people want to buy it in the sake of having/buying it. Lyotard states, "Technological transformations can be expected to have a considerable impact on knowledge" (Lyotard 1979). YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr are my source of knowledge. Often when I am on one of these social networking sites I find myself being updated on worldly events through sources like my friends' statuses, Tumblr and Instagram pictures and You Tubers videos. Usually when I start doing my homework I use google to help me solve a problem which can make knowledge less valuable because the answer is presented to you through a few clicks on the internet. Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr are sites where anyone can get to know me and learn about the events in my life without actually talking to me in person. These social networking sites create a simulation of me through pictures and words that portray some sort of significance during that specific time period, however no one really knows what the significance is. According to Jean Baudrillard, post modernity was defined as a shift into hyperreality in which simulations replace the real. YouTube is a simulation through several videos which is then simulated again making it a simulacra, it is also a simulation of anyone because we can see them visually but they are not actually there, they are pixels. This relates to me because I also have a Youtube channel where I sometimes make video for others to view making a simulation of me through the internet. "Individuals lost direction and began to define themselves by what they owned rather than by their value as fellow Global citizens" (McGregor nd.). This relates to me and several others because it is the truth to technology. Our personalities are defined by technology. Without technology I can honestly say that I wouldn't exactly know who I truly am. For example, my favorite show is TLC's Cake Boss, this show made me want to try baking, and later helped me realize my great passion for the culinary arts. The Sims 3 is a 2009 life simulation computer game, where you can control the life of a simulated character which can be seen as irony, playfulness and black humor. The game is filled with irony because we as people have life goals, however in the game we can create a character or "sim" that represents our self (or at least who we wish we were) and give them the exact same life goals. By constantly playing the game, the sim can fulfill his/her goal by working hard in their career, unlike the person who is controlling the sims life while sitting on the couch and hoping that on day his/her life goal will come true just like how his/her sims goals came true. I started to play this game a couple years ago, but have never been addicted to the game. I have found a lot of black humor in this computer game such as the deaths of a sim, which can actually be done on purpose by locking them in a room with no food (sims dying by starvation), leaving them in the pool without a ladder for them to come out of the pool (dying from drowning) or killing them in a kitchen fire, although some of these sound extremely harsh the way the sim actually dies is quite hilarious. This would be one of the ways a sims may die in the game which would be considered as Black Humor This is the trailer of the game, the simulations of virtual characters To be honest everyone who plays the game has killed a sim on purpose for the humour, including me (this sounds very dark). Fun fact:
I have actually tried lucid dreaming... unfortunately I am not skilled enough to actually pull it off because I fell asleep consciously. Islam is a religion where we revolve around God or as we say, Allah. In this religion after hitting a certain age (usually after puberty) it becomes mandatory to wear a hijab or "scarf"; however as time went by, from generation to generation it has become optional in my family because it was never forced on my mother, therefore it is not being forced on me. Unfortunately by not wearing the hijab I often feel out of place and sometimes even judged by the people who do wear a hijab all because of the decisions I made. McGregor says, "modern age valued individuality and had faith in human thought" (McGregor nd). McGregor's statement relates to my postmodern life because by not wearing the hijab I am showing others who have the same believes as me that there is a certain individuality and difference that I obtain. As well as how it tends to make me refuse authority, and allows me to think for myself giving me a sense of originality while still letting me respect my religion and myself by not taking advantage of not wearing a hijab. Also in Islam the idea of God cannot be turned into a statue, picture, or be turned into anything visual, Baudrillard says, "The divinity that breathes life into nature cannot be represented" (Baudrillard 1988). I completely agree with this statement because by visualizing the idea of God, the superiority that was obtained is taken away and gives God a sense of being normal ... like people. However, God cannot be seen as normal because God is the supreme leader, as well as God cannot be female or male. It is unknown. Also by visualizing God, it rejects the entire religion and shows that the faith someone originally had has been tainted. Postmodernism claims that language is our home. It is our possession of language that makes us human which distinguishes us from animals. Everything human about us is contained within language consciousness, thinking, and behaviors based in language and no source of outside language. Jessup once said, "Language is the most significant social construct that helps individuals make sense out of inherently meaningless experiences" (Jessup, 2001). This statement relates to me because English isn't my first language, I never grew up in a house where everyone spoke English, I grew up in a house where everyone spoke Urdu. However, because everyone spoke a different language I was unaware of how to pronounce certain words, and have been learning ever since I've moved to Canada. Some words that I have trouble pronouncing would be anything that starts with a "V" because I've been speaking urdu for a very long time and still have an accent; Due to the accent any word that starts with "V" is pronounced with a "W" (Vomit=Womit). I also have been made fun of because I cannot pronounce the word "new", I tend to say "knee-ew". By pronouncing words differently I am rejecting the rules of language and going by what sound correct to me.
Burke states, "Cultural diversity without changed society does not mean accepting cultural practices and beliefs" (Burke 1994). I absolutely agree with Burke's statement because I personally have experienced cultural change. Eleven years ago I moved to Canada from Dubai, which can be seen as two different worlds mixing together such as Hollywood and Bollywood. This reminds me of myself because it's almost like Bollywood hits Canadian drama with a little bit of comedy, which can be taken as the mixing of two completely different cultures, from clothing, beliefs, and life styles in general. Burke also states, " Looking to an acceptance of diversity and a search for that which is held in common" (Burke 1994). This demonstrates how I had the ability to adapt to both genres (cultures) in my postmodern life which allowed me to be aware of several things both cultures might have in common although there may be a lot of peer pressure with doing stuff they want me to do which is against my religion such as drinking. However, in postmodernism it is said that your identity comes from any sort of group, in my case I would have to say that my identity comes from two groups teaching me new skills/techniques such as having proper education, clothing, and an idea of the new culture which lead me to certain choices and decisions throughout the eleven years I've lived in Canada. My Tumblr:
http://ar0dd.tumblr.com/ Thank You For Your Attention
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