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What is ACCESS FM?

A clear prezi explaining ACCESS FM and how it is important to making a great product.

Paul Omodeinde

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of What is ACCESS FM?

What is ACCESS FM?
ACCESS FM is the acronym for creating a great product in design technology, the letters stand for:
Aesthetics(how it looks)
Cost(the price)
Customer(who will buy it)
Environment(is it eco-friendly)
Safety(is it safe)
Size(how big it is)
Function(what it does)
Materials(what is used to make it)
Aesthetics is based on the appearance, so if a product looked nice you could say it is aesthetically pleasing which literally means pleasurable to the eyes.If a product doesn't have good aesthetics then no one would want to buy it because it doesn't look of a good quality and unpleasant.You may want to think about colours,patterns and styles.
The customer is who is going to buy it; it is a good idea to think about target customer which is who your product is aimed at, you will need to consider gender, age and interests.So if you were to make a doll then it may be aimed at a female 8 year old who likes dressing up toys.This is vital because you may need to think about what is appropriate for that age or gender.
The cost is the price range of the product
and how much people will pay for it.The cost is
extremely important because if it is too high
it wouldn't sell very much and if it is too low
then you wouldn't be making any profit.Profit is
the money you earned subtracted by what you
paid to make it, so if you sell cakes which cost
£2 to make each and sold them at £1.50 each you
would be initially losing 50p per cake.On the
other hand if it was the other way round then
you would be getting 50p profit each cake.
When using materials you will need to think about how it is affecting the environment.You might want to think about the 6rs:Rethink- Think about whether you can change it ,Reuse- Items that can be sold again or redesigned,Recycle- Turning an item to something else,Repair- Fix items ,Reduce- Cut down on materials ,Refuse- to show that a product cannot be reused or recycled. It is important because creating products has an huge impact on our environment and we can keep the earth going longer if we do this.

It is important to produce a safe product because if a product is unsafe then you are putting your customers at risk and you can be sued (professional products of course). When you are shaping materials like plastic you need to make sure that there are no sharp edges or other dangerous parts.
The size is how big the product is, if
it is too big or too small then it wont
be comfortable and won't be very useful.
You need to think specifically about your
product, if it was a phone then it would
obviously be smaler than if it was a tablet.
The function is simply what the product does or is made for,for example a gps' function would be to help you navigate around and guide you to new places. It
is important because if your product's function is'nt
working then it would be a useless product.You may want to think about why your product includes a specific function.
You will need to think about which materials you are going to use, if your products was a cuddly toy then you would use a soft material.This also links into environment as you may need to think about how the materials you use affects the environment. You should think about using smooth or rough materials,soft or hard, good insulator or good conductor and other factors.
These simple steps will help you make a product of a high quality and are extremely important and have to be considered all the time.At times it mat seem boring but it is crucial to make the best product you are capable of.
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