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Wheel and Axle; a poem

No description

Max R

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Wheel and Axle; a poem

Wheel and Axle; a poem
By: Max Rafferty
and Harlan Faddis
Wheels roll
axle =pole
Real efficient
Quite sufficient
In the town
Take you 'round
Walking Blows.
Need a road?
Smaller size?
Things that fly
Bigger wheel
Smoother feel
Simple machine

Keeps your energy requirement for
initiating motion in cars, trains, boats,
planes, and more comparatively
Wrapped in treads
Used by the feds
Used for sprockets
(and gears)
turns far to near
First documented
3500 BC, significantly
older than you and me.
There are two parts to a wheel and axle: the wheel, a round surface that rolls easily, and the axle, a pole that connects two or more wheels
Cars, Bikes, and Buses all need wheels and axles to work.
Who likes walking? Be lazy and drive! sadly, you are probably going to need a road to use the wheel and axle; this is why nothing in nature uses wheels; only humans can build roads.
Wheels greatly increase the speed and efficiency at which we can move ourselves and our belongings.
Bigger wheels are typically found on things like dump trucks or other large vehicles. The added size and cushion makes bumps less noticeable and allows better contact.
Meanwhile, things like airplanes and some helicopters use small wheels that can fold up inside. This allows smooth landings and smooth flight.
If you wrap several wheels in a linked belt of metal (a tread) they can be very durable, and can easily drive over small obstacles.
Wheels are a simple machine, but are hugely important to our modern life.
Sprockets and gears are a type of wheel that allows the transfer and directional change of energy. They turn a week long trip into a 4 hour drive.
The wheels was first illustrated in 35BC, though It is thought that they existed as much as 5250 BC
Spokes Folks!
Spokes are a relatively new invention, but they make wheels much more light and aerodynamic.
Then Now
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