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rachel simon

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of 6.08 WORLD HISTORY.

4 Evidence to support cause
Videos uploaded to YouTube Interviews. Newspaper to help notify and encouraged to join.provided to help what was happening.
enough strength to sustain clashes
people were united and were aware of the uprising governments began to calm angry people. must not be forced to back down.
5 criteria for Revolution.
1.Cause for a change
2.Uniting people who support that cause.
3.A way to spread the cause.
4.Edvience to support the cause
5.Strength to sustain backlashes.
2 people who support the cause.
People got to voice their own opinions. Happened during small groups with same concern. small groups combined with bigger groups. eventually became one big group.
Arab spring-media term for revolutionary wave of demonstrations and protests. riots and civil wars. erupted on December 18,2010
Cause for change.
Starts because of rule of governments. Issues included. dictatorship, absolute monarchy,human rights vialotons,political coloration,extreme poverty.
3 spread the cause
Communication was vital for revolution. Used social media to spread awareness of issues in country. Used youtube,pictures and interviews.Encourged people to join.
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