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Laziness of 21st Century Technology

No description

Tyler Kroger

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of Laziness of 21st Century Technology

Laziness of 21st Century Technology
Restaurant Food Delivery
Time with Friends & Family
In today's society we rely to heavily on technology. I would like to see what people would do if they couldn't use their cell phones, get on Facebook, or have anything requiring a battery or power to run it. Lets see how fast we fall as a society when people lose technology all together.

"With so many friends to keep track of, who actually has the time to hangout in real life anymore? Social media has made communicating with other people so easy that you now don’t actually need speak to anyone."
Good vs. Bad Laziness
There is such thing as good lazy.
"For example, the first guy to put a sail on a boat was looking for a way to avoid rowing. The guy who first hitched a plow to an ox was looking for a way to escape digging. And whoever harnessed a waterfall to grind grain was too lazy to pound it with rocks. These types of people were considered lazy by their peers. But it was this laziness — this most sublime quality — that gave the world these advances."
End Result
If we do not change something soon, generations to come will rely so heavily on technology especially cell phones, and social networking sites, that they will be mute. They will fail at job interviews. They will not be able to express themselves normally.

The end result of the advancement of technology is peoples health are going to decline, because how automated everything has become.

Do I Ever Have to Leave the Couch
1. A massive amount of entertainment without leaving the sofa.
It seems today that anything we want we can pretty much order it and have it at our front door within minutes or a few days depending on what the item is and not even have to leave the couch. This is a whole new definition of laziness.
2. Checking in without actually checking in.
There are now apps like Google Latitude that can track where you are within a few feet of where your phone actually is. So you don't have to check-in with your parents.

You want to go to your favorite restaurant but don't feel like getting dressed, or parting ways with your best friend the couch. Just order your food and have it delivered right to your door. Sure it's convenient and if your a busy person or parent I can see why ordering out is quicker and less of a hassle.
Why I chose, and Why I Care.

I chose this topic because I see a social decline in our society. Nobody talks face to face anymore. It's either through a social networking site, or texting. Why I care is because I don't like seeing my generation and future generations wasting away and being verbally inept.

"Determine never to be idle," Thomas Jefferson said. "It is wonderful how much may be done if we are always doing."
There is also bad laziness.

There are to many bad outcomes to being lazy. But the most prevalent one has to be your health. If you adopt that lazy manner you will most likely eat out a lot, do things that are easy and convenient, which could lead to some serious health risks. Like diabetes, obesity, etc.
I interviewed an older gentlemen named Dan Palowski. He is a military veteran and a retired NASA analyst. He said times have changed so significantly when I was younger. You didn't need a college degree to do anything. If you had a basic grasp of how things worked you were hired. Fortunately for Mr. Dan he is an intelligent man. He saw first hand how technology grew from being on this gigantic computer terminal to be as small as the palm of your hand. He said he had to adapt quick, because any college degree person could snatch up his job. He also said people weren't lazy they were always striving to accomplish something greater. Once they accomplished that they wanted to make it better, test its abilities. Mr. Dan is absolutely shocked at how much my parents generation, my generation, and future generations are becoming more and more lazy because of the use of technology. But he said you can't help it your damned if you do your damned if you don't. We have to keep up with the advancing society and if we don't we are going to get run over by the innovation train.
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