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Czar Nicholas II

Animal Farm Research project

Alice Russell

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Czar Nicholas II

May 18, 1868-July 17, 1918

Born in Tsarskoe Selo, Russia
Died in Ekaterinburg, Russia Czar Nicholas Romanov II The celebration of Nicholas' coronation was held in Khodynka field. It was mainly used for military purposes, so it had lots of ditches. Rumors had previously surfaced that there would not be sufficient food for all the guests, so citizens rushed into the feild and trampled each other in the process.
Those who were trampled suffocated in the dirt or fell into the ditches.
About 1,389 of the 100,000 who attended died. Czar Nicholas II was the last czar of Russia.
He ascended the throne earlier than expected because of the death of his father. Nicholas was unprepared to rule, and consequently did a poor job. On January 22, 1905, thousands of workers gathered to petition for changes to the government. The Czar's soldiers fired on the crowd, despite the fact that the Nicholas had not ordered them to. In the time following, however, disdain for the czar only grew because the public was not informed that the tragedy had not been the Czar's doing. About
Czar Nicholas II Family Nicholas had four daughters; Olga, Maria, Tatiana, and Anastasia; and one son; Alexi. Military service Before he became leader of Russia, Nicholas was in the army. After joining at the age of 19, he spent three years in the service. He then spent an additional 10 months touring Europe and Asia. He was very involved in the military, and even rose to the rank of colonel. Bloody Sunday His wife's name was Alexandra. She and Nicholas shared a grandmother. Alexandra was German, which did not please the public at first, but they were eventually satisfied with her. The Czar's parents were named Maria Feodoronova and Alexander Fedoronova III. Czar Nicholas II took the throne of Russia in 1894. At that time, most of the population were peasant laborers in rural areas. They had only been freed from serfdom in the 1860's, and the boundaries of their liberty kept them unhappy. The Czar's closest affiliates knew him as an amiable person. He was a dedicated father and husband, but just did not have the skills to rule the largest country in the world. Why was the public unsatisfied, or even hateful towards Czar Nicholas II? End of Life End of Rule After Bloody Sunday, revolutionary attempts and unrest grew. Nicholas was forced to grant a constitution and establish a parliament, called the Duma. Changes were made in voting laws to give the people more of a say in the government. Despite these changes, the secret police kept crushing opposition. However, the secret police did not completely keep down the revolution. In 1905, the Russian revolution began. The Duma eventually turned on Nicholas due to his poor ruling. In February of 1917, members of the Duma prevented him from boarding the train home from his headquarters. The Duma soon elected their own provisional committee members. Nicholas had no choice but to step down from power. After the czar stepped down, he was put under house arrest. Nicholas, along with the rest of his family and a few of their servants, was imprisoned in the Ipatiev house in Yekaterinburg for the final months of his life. Final Year The Khodynka Field Tragedy Population Execution Historians do not agree on the details of the execution of the Czar and his family. Most say it was around midnight on July 17, 1918. The family and their servants were led into a basement room, being told it was for their safety. Executioners then came out of an adjoining room and told the family that they were going to be killed. A stunned Nicholas exclaimed "What?! What?!" before he was shot and immediately killed. His daughters were initially protected because of the diamonds sewn into their clothes, but all present exept the executioners died that night. Decades later, a woman claimed to be the Czar's youngest daughter, Anastasia, but two bodies were discovered (after the rest were found) that was genetically proven to be Anastasia and Alexi, the Czar's son. (Nicholas II's imperial monogram)
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