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World War 1 WebQuest

No description

Matthew Santangelo

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of World War 1 WebQuest

WWI Gas Used to shake up other side Gas 4a) Weapons 4b) Weapons Tanks Used before an attack Picture of a German Gas Lab Works Cited 2) Trenches Western Front- line separating lines of trenches of Allies and Central Powers A place of protection, a home Trench Diagram "No Man's Land"- space in middle of two trenches "Over the Top"- from trench to "no man's land" 5) War and, Finally, Peace Treaty of Versailles- ended the first world war and: -Established the League of Nations -Made Germany pay for the damages it caused -Limited Germany's power militarily League of Nations- created to assist in the discouragement of war 1b) Causes Of WWI Assassination of Ferdinand- war is sparked The start of a gas attack A British Mark IV (another tank
used in WWI) However, "Little Willie" could only go two miles per hour in a real battlefield setting Originally intended to have certain standards such as:
-ability to withstand small arms fire
-have two machine guns
- its lowest speed- 4 miles per hour "Little Willie" 1a) Causes Of WWI General Schlieffen- man responsible for the Schlieffen Plan - Schlieffen Plan- to kick France out of WWI Triple Entente- included Britian, France, and Russia and was opposite of Triple Alliance Triple Alliance- the alliance between Italy, Germany, and Austria-Hungary 1c) Causes of WWI Zimmermann Telegram- sent to Mexico by Germany
It talks about the giving of the U.S. territory 4c) Weapons Flamethrowers Kleinflammenwerfer- small and meant for one person to to wield Grossflammenwerfer- Big and was not appropriately wielded by one soldier 'Twas possible for the cylinders that held gas to combust A flamethrower being used Another flamethrower being used 3) America Comes In 1st Russian Revolution- made Russia democratic 2nd Russian Revolution- caused the withdraw of Russia from the war Vladimir Lenin-Leader of the Bolsheviks Karl Marx- a main person in socialism Treaty of Breast-Litovsk- treaty between Germany and Russia that led to Russia's withdraw from the war Wilson was pressured jointo war by forces like: 1st Russian Revolution, etc. Militarism-the reason that multiple treaties, etc. were violated Alliances- tied, eventually a lot of Europe, into war Imperialism- coutries competed their empires Nationalism- made the world come to war Wilson finally went to war after Zimmermann Telegram The Lusitania- a ship sunk by Germany, had a lot of Americans on it "An Internet History of The Great War." World War I. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Jan.
2013."Firstworldwar.com." First World War.com. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Jan.
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The Lusitania Archduke Franz Ferdinand Vladimir Lenin
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