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Marketing Plan

No description

Roman Vi

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Marketing Plan

Double click anywhere & add an idea Marketing Plan Astana Pharma Marketing Plan for 2010 put the aim to increase sales of antihypertensive drug ADESTAB by 18% compared with 2008, increased market share from 15 to 18%.
The achievement of the stated objectives will be reached through improved pricing policies, promotion systems and the introduction of a new product. Marketing budget for 2010 will amount to 34,000 dollars, not including labor costs and maintenance staff of the marketing department, funded by hospital costs. The total marketing budget will amount to 68,000 dollars. Our mission

Health to every HOME. Primary markets:
Central Asia and Kazakhstan

Major competitors:

Indian and Russian pharmcompanies ANALYSIS OF THE MARKET ENVIRONMENT After a PEST analysis, we have learned:
• Government policy directs to support domestic producers through the establishment of JSC "United National distributor";
• Due to the usage of domestic resources the cost of drugs produced in Kazakhstan much lower
• The widespread availability of drugs including socially disadvantaged sections of the population; increasing need for antihypertensive drugs
• Available equipment of our company complies with international quality standards, the use of new technological developments, the availability of highly skilled world-class MARKETING STRATEGIES Market of the drug segmented on the basis of geographic and demographic factors. As a result, these segments are identified:

a) People aged 45 and above
b) Women and men with incomes up to 200USD per month
c) Health Organization
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