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five random facts!

No description

alexis krusely

on 23 January 2015

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Transcript of five random facts!

About me!! (Alexis Krusely)
5 random facts!
~ my birthday is August 25, 2002 im 12
~i have 1 brother,Anthony, and 1 sister , Paege, and a mom... they all live with me!
~im a cheerleader
~I collect cheer bows!
~my best friends are Ella, Ava, Natalie, Hannah, Diamond ,Maddy ,and soo many more i lost track!!!!!!

4 things i would like to do in the future
~ i want 6o join ski club with Ella & Ava
~ learn how to a standing full
~ meet Robert Scianna
~ Be instagram famous

3 things i like to do in my free time!
~ I love to cheer... like all the time
~ one of my favorite things to do is to go mudding and to Yankee Lake truck night
~ My ultimate favorite thing to do is to be with my friends!
2 thing i cant leave home without

1 question i would like ask you
~why did u choose to become a tech teacher?
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