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THe Emperor's New Clothes By Annie Jiang

No description

Annie Jiang

on 20 March 2011

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Transcript of THe Emperor's New Clothes By Annie Jiang

The emperor was not interested in anything other than clothing and would spend all his money on new clothes made with the finest materials. Over time, his wardrobe grew. One day, two strangers came to town claiming that
they were the best tailors, creating clothing make
clothing so elabrate thatthey would remain invisible
to the people who were not smart. The emperor
immediately ordered the men to make it and offered
them great riches. Once upon a time... In a land that was almost forgotten, there was an emperor. The two strangers set up two looms and pretending to work. They asked for the finest silks and purest gold available The emperor was curious to see what the clothing looked like so called his minister to go take a look for him. The minister couldn't see anything, but did not want to lose his job so praised the men of their work. The two men described the colours and patterns to the minister for him to report back to the emperor. The emperor then asked another man to check up on the works of the strangers. The man, just like the minister could see nothing, but did not want to admit he was dumb so praised the men for their work. Then reporting back to the king about the 'amazing clothing' he saw. The news about the emperor's new clothes spread all over the land. The two so called "tailors" lit candles during the night to pretend that they are working hard through the night. Finally, the emperor decided to go take a look himself. When he arrived he saw the two men working hard on the loom, but even the emperor himself could not see the clothing. The emperor did not want to be seem foolish in front of his people so he also praised for the invisible clothing. The emperor was then asked to take off his clothes so the two strangers could pretend to help him wear the invisble clothing. The emperor was admiring his invisble clothes in front of the mirror, but in reality he was only in his underwear. The followers of the emperor also proceeded to admirer him, though they could not see the clothing either. The emperor then proceeded to parade in his 'new clothes' around his land. The people all circled and stated how beautiful his clothes looked. No one dared to say they saw no clothes. Only one little boy was brave enough to speak the truth. What the boy said was whispered throughout the crowd. The people than shouted "The boy's right, the emperor is naked!" Then they all started laughing. The Emperor knew then realized he was tricked, but had not choice but to continue his procession. He simply smiled and waved to the people, pretending nothing happened. By: Hans Christian Anderson
Rewritten By: Annie Jiang The Emperor's New Clothes
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