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Todd Ayoung: Making Art at Large

No description

Todd Ayoung

on 5 July 2013

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Transcript of Todd Ayoung: Making Art at Large

Todd Ayoung: Making Art at Large
“Freedom is found not in autonomy but in embeddedness. To be free is to have access to many interdependent relationships. The more communities one has access to, the more options one has for living a full and meaningful life. It is inclusivity that brings security—belonging, not belonging”Cultural Historian, Jeremy Rifkin, 2004
“The ultimate goal of environmental justice will be attained when we are able to move beyond a paradigm of struggle against entrenched powers to one of broad-based mutuality that extends across all the old boundaries of geography, economics, race, color, and class, and builds robust regions and communities that speak for themselves.”

The Roots of Environmental Justice

from Breakthrough Communities: Sustainability and Justice in the Next American Metropolis edited by M. Paloma Pavel, MIT press, 2009
“Who owns history?
Who makes history?
Can history be owned?
What does it mean
to reclaim one’s past?”
“…art is no longer a distant or alien location for the rest of the world but is, rather a common language, integrated into the larger cultural activity.

Going beyond the platitude “Everyone is an artist”, the effort to create art users promotes the existence of a new kind of individual for whom art is not a profession but rather a source of knowledge, a tool, in the same way that technology is a tool for us in reaching our various goals. In this scenario, art would be a language through which to understand the world, not just understand art itself.”

from Art Scenes by Pablo Helguera, p 94
"Under Capitalism, The only thing worse than being exploited is not being exploited."

Michael Denning, "Wageless Life"
New Left Review 66, Nov Dec, 2010
Linda Austin-REACH: 30
music by Seth Nehil
An Atrocity Exhibition in Two Parts (1983/2013) at Performance WORKS NW, linda austin dance Portland, OR
WE sticker making activity, Portland, OR

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