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Mustafa Dasuki

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of DOT CONNECT

Teacher Facilitator Role on DOT Connect

DOT Connect is DOT’s social learning platform.
This cloud-based service provides DOT
learners with access to a unified set of services
that enable them to self-assess, learn,
collaborate, and achieve goals. The system is available all the time and around the globe.

Teachers, Teachers Facilitators,
Administrators, Pedagogues, Area Managers,
Program Manager, School Principals, etc.

Throughout the program delivery, Teachers and Teacher Facilitators.
When taking self-assessment.
When Teachers complete an action listed on the action plan.
When needed to measure progress in any of the 11 competencies.
To network and cooperate with other teachers or users on DOT connect

DOT Connect
Who uses it?
When to use is
User name:
your choice
Please note that user name and password is case sensitive - it is not your EMAIL address
How to sign in
1. Dash Board:
Provides an overall graphic view on DOT connect

On this bar line we find Inbox for messaging
Coming soon

Not functional yet
2. My Profile:
is a space to update
account holder on DOT connect to
update personal information if
changed or if moved from one
school to another.
3. Manage Screen
On the manage screen you will find
User accounts:
you can find your
learners shown in the image below
You can filter them by active or all
Or by Goals as shown below
Also you can sort them by:
Last name, User Name, and goal
Or you can simply use the search
function shown below, using the
filters mentioned above
When you find the learner you are looking for it will be shown as below with the filters you have applied
NB: for any reason you would like to create a user you can click on the Create button shown below

And it will then direct you to a delegated registration form where you as a TF will fill the account information on behalf of the teacher but in the presence of the teacher.


Steps to complete the delegated registration
form follow the screen capture below
Fill in a user name that is unique to the user should be first Letter of his name and be in the following format using capital letters for example John Smith JSMITH
Account type should and always be a LEARNER
Passwords must be between 5 and 30 characters
Password can only contain letters or numbers. It should not include any spaces, underscores (_), periods (.), or special characters
Goal (Improve ICT)
Email: is the teachers personal email (DOT does not provide E-mails to teachers)
Language: choice is English, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese. In the Lebanese context we should only choose English or French depending the teachers language preference

Assigned facilitator a list of teacher facilitators should be uploaded to this section
Registration codes are locked to the specific country DO NOT attempt to change it
Fill in the personal information as required
Fields marked with an * are mandatory
(Mark fields: Country, street, city, gender as mandatory, province or state should be loaded as per the clusters we have)
Once all fields are filled you need to hit Create button your learner is created on DOT connect.

Teacher now can log in with his/her user name and password you provided. On the first log in, please advise teacher to change his/her password.
Default password is welcome.
To view reporting progress of your learners (in that case, your teachers registered at the respective schools)
You need to click on the code that starts with LB highlighted in the below picture
You can choose between Registration and Self-assessment Reports
Also you can choose between Facilitator and Learner
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