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Expository Text Structure

No description

Heston Wilburn

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Expository Text Structure

Expository Text Structure
Problem & Solution
The author presents a problem and one or more solutions to the problem
Used to describe the attributes and features of people, patterns or terms
Compare & Contrast
Information is presented by detailing how two or more events,concepts, theories, or things are alike and/or different
Cause & Effect
Used to show how the facts, events or concepts result due to other facts, events or concepts
The author lists items or events in numerical order or chronological sequence, either explicit or implied
When John got home from school he was hungry so he decided to make a sandwich.After he decided,to make a sandwich,he got out the bread,meat,lettuce,and tomato.Then he put the meat,lettuce and tomato on the bread.Then he enjoyed the sandwich.
When Joe was 12 years old he said that when he was in high school, he would be a long distance runner. He began running two miles every day. When he got to high school he tried out for long distance and made the team.
As Andy was cleaning his room before he left for college, he found a box containing Woody his favorite childhood toy along with some others.Then Woody and the other toys were put in a box taken to (sunnyside) a child daycare center, where the kids torture the toys.Woody created an escape plan to get back home.He then got into the air vents and got out of the daycare center.

Main Idea : how to make a sandwich
Main Idea: He wanted to be a long distance runner.
Main Idea: Woody wants to get out of sunnyside
Kyle is trying to sale his truck. He went to put his truck description the the adds and they told him he had to have the color, year model and type of truck. So he told them it was a white, 2010, chevy silverado.
Main Idea: Kyle's truck
Honeybees and yellow-jacket wasps are the same and different in many ways. They both have a similar size body, so they are often confused for one another. They both collect nectar from plants, although they do this in different ways. Even though their nests are made differently, they both build structures made up of little hexagons to protect their eggs. A wasp has a straight stinger and can sting its prey over and over again, but a bee has a barbed stinger, which can be used only once on its prey; then it dies. So while honeybees and yellow-jacket wasps are very similar, there are several differences between them.

Main Idea: similarities and differences between bees and wasps
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