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How to Write a Literary Analysis Paragraph


David Hawkins

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of How to Write a Literary Analysis Paragraph

How to Write a Literary Analysis Paragraph
Topic Sentence
Parts just before and after a text that determine its meaning
A quote from the text that proves the assertion
Textual Evidence
Your personal opinion, response, reaction or reflection
The purpose of the concluding sentence is to:
-Reiterate the main point developed by the body sentences
-Signal to the reader that this is the end of the paragraph
Slim illustrates the theme that people can earn respect through their respectful actions towards others.

Slim receives the respect of the other men on the ranch by drawing them in and listening to them in a manner that makes them feel comfortable:

"His ear heard more than was said to him, and his slow speech had overtones not of thought, but of understanding beyond thought." (34).

When Carlson leaves to shoot Candy's dog, Slim reminds Carlson to

"take a shovel"

because Slim knows that the dog is Candy's dear companion and believes Carlson should show respect to their relationship by burying the dog(48). By displaying his concern for Candy's feelings, Slim gains the admiration of the other men. His actions illustrate to the reader that people should earn respect not through power and intimidation but through care and compassion for others

Just as Slim pays attention to the needs of those around him even though they are not his close friends, people in society who look to put others first can earn esteem through the manner in which they treat others.
Declares the point you wish to make

Should be clear and confident

You can set the context by:
-telling part of the plot
-referring to a key word or phrase
-alluding to a character
Choose wisely!
Your evidence must:
-support your topic sentence
-prove your point
Do not simply plop a quote into your paragraph-- weave it into a sentence.
Analysis which relates the topic sentence and the evidence
Never create redundancy!

Make connections for your readers
Try beginning with:
-"The reader understands that..."
-"The reader learns that..."
You want to explain how your evidence helps you understand the writer's purpose!
7-12 sentences
1 sentence
1-3 sentences
1-3 sentences
3+ sentences
1-2 sentences
Should accomplish one or more of the following:
-Rephrase the topic sentence
-Summarize by referring to the key points
-Draw a conclusion
-Offer a final observation
-Make a prediction
Bell Ringer
SAT Word of the Day
--Part of Speech: Adjective

--Definition: characterized by a pretentious show in order to impress

--Example: The amount of jewelery the girl wore to the party was ostentatious.
Record this in the vocabulary section of your binder. Create your own sentence as well.
You Do
Get the computers out and continue working on your literary analysis.

Reminder: Finish your Hobbit packet for Friday.

Literary analysis is due Friday!
Exit Slip
Green Light: What did you learn today?

Yellow Light: What questions do you have after today's lesson?

Red Light: What stopped your learning today?
Words of Wisdom to Keep in Mind
"You're running like you're being chased, not like you want to cross the finish line first."
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