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makaela groves

on 16 March 2015

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Transcript of Napoleon

Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleonic Code
Established legal a code
enlightenment ideas
equality of citizens
religious tolerance
forbade privileges based on birth
jobs would go to those who are most qualified
Kept food prices in reach of everyone
Losing 7 Wars
Bank of France- Backed with great quantity of silver and gold to ensure a good, strong economy and help finance wars
1801- Signed the Concordat with the pope to, which ultimately made Catholicism the main religion although still tolerated religious freedom
Expanding on the Napoleonic code
The first modern legal code to be created with a pan- European scope
Strongly influenced the law of many other countries whom later formed their own code during the Napoleonic Wars
Very much an affective, spreading idea, it influenced countries that were still developing outside of Europe. Ex. The Middle East were attempted to create a modern version of the code for themselves through legal reforms

Battle of La Rothière
On February 1st, 1814- Battle of La Rothière between the French Empire and allied army of Austria, Prussia, Russia, and German states who were before unified with France
Led by Napoleon and the opposing side was led by Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher
A major factor in this war was impacted by extreme weather conditions ex. Wet snowstorms
French had to use white shoulder bands to tell their foes from their own
Ultimately, French’s first defeat on their own grounds
The Victories and Defeats Of Napoleon Bonaparte in Power
Napoleon Bonaparte was a French military leader as well as political leader who rose in power during the French Revolution and is known for winning a majority of the wars he fought. Napoleon dominated Europe along with anything to do with them for almost two decades while guiding France against a series of coalitions in the Revolutionary wars and Napoleonic Wars
Napoleon and his empire battled in about 60 wars a lost a total of seven towards the end.
The French’s domination over Europe fell rapidly after the chaotic invasion of Russia in 1812.
Napoleon and his army were defeated in 1814 and once again in 1815 at Waterloo after a limited return to power.
Winning about 53 Wars
Class Notes

Major wars won-
Battle of the Nile
Between British and french
Aboukir Bay off the coat of the Mediterranean Sea
August 1-3rd 1798
Battle of Trafalgar
October 21st 1805
Between British Royal Navy and Fleets of combined French and Spanish Navies
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