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Jeanlee Matos, A'Mari Jackson, Andrea Kambou

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lib hist

on 10 September 2014

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Transcript of Jeanlee Matos, A'Mari Jackson, Andrea Kambou

Richard Beatty Anderson
Anderson demonstrated sacrifice by putting his fellow Marines before himself and risked his life by instantly diving into the grenade that had slipped out of his hands. He saved the three other Marines from certain injuries and possible death. Also he was missing both his hands and parts of his face and chest.

Anderson showed valor because he was probably scared but he had the courage and determination to dive for the grenade and save his fellow Marines.
Anderson showed patriotism by risking his life to fight for our country in the battle against the Japanese. Also he had tattooed on his arm the inscription "Death before dishonor"
Jeanlee Matos, Andrea Kambou, A'Mari Jackson
Richard B. Anderson:

Ross L. Iams:

William "Kyle" Carpenter:


William "Kyle" Carpenter
"Corporal Carpenter leaped between the explosive and his fellow Marine, absorbing the burnt of the blast with his body"
Lance Corporal Carpenter did what he believed was right by putting his fellow Marine before him.
Lance Corporal Carpenter
Ross L. Iams
Honor: Was in the Marines for 30 years
Died of wounds 11 days holding an enemy grenade against his body and shield fellow Marines from harm
Unhesitatingly jumped through breach constant fire from the cacaos
Richard B. Anderson Ross L. Iams
William "Kyle" Carpenter
William "Kyle" Carpenter put his country and his fellow Marine before him. Instead of thinking about his self he thought of everyone else. If it wasm't for him he wouldn't have saved the life of Andrew de Grandpre. Lance Corporal Carpenter represents Honor, Sacrifice, Patriotism which equals valor. He represents valor because he had the courage and bravery
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