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Jacques e brandenberger

No description

April Lee

on 30 October 2017

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Transcript of Jacques e brandenberger

Jacques was born on October 19 1872
His invention
The cellophane is used for covering dishes with food in them. The cellophane is a flexible and waterproof sheet. He made it because one day he saw a costumer in a coffee shop spill tea on a table cloth ,so he wanted to make it water proof.Jacques made it out of celluse wood.
Early life
Jacques was a swiss enigeer. As a child he loved to build and create things. Jacques family didn`t have a lot of money.
This is why we should thank him today!!!:)
what he invented
Jacques invented the cellophane in 1908. He started marketing the cellophane in 1920.
Jacques e brandenberger!!
Jacques e brandenberger
He died july 13 1954
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