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The Great Gatsby Chapter 3

No description

Kimberly Nguyen

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of The Great Gatsby Chapter 3

The Great Gatsby
Chapter 3

1. Key Events
2. Connections
3. Foreshadowing
4. Relevance to Period
5. Author's Significant Choices
Jordan Baker
Nick Carraway
Owl Eyes
Two girls in Twin Yellow Dresses
Connection to Modernism
Gatsby's Mansion
Party invitation
West Egg vs. East Egg
Owl Eyed man
Car crash
By Aliana Ayuso, Brianna Huebner, & Kim Nguyen
Authorial Decisions
People in the 1920s tended to use others for money and social status
Old Money vs. New Money
American Dream
Connection to Class Works
1. Social Inequality

2. Old Money Vs. New Money

3. Prohibition & Gangsters
Group Activity
Each group should have gotten a piece of paper with a category on it. Your task is to make a "playing card" based off of your category. Here is how to get full credit:
Concluding Synopsis
Period 1920s
social statements
Class Discussion
1. Based on what you have learned in this lesson and what you have already learned about the man behind The Great Gatsby (F. Scott Fitzgerald), make connections to his personal life. In Chapter Three only, do we see Fitzgerald in this chapter? Justify your answer.

2. Could you transcribe what goes on (especially how people behave) into the twenty-first century? Why or why not?

3. What makes or breaks first encounters with someone for the first time? What has your experience been what was that like in the book?
Q & A


Picture is drawn in regards to category. Make sure you can back up what you drew! *Artistic ability is not a requirement.
Specific reference is made to the text (quotes, paraphrase
etc. In addition, information from the presentation
must be used (use your notes!).
How does it connect to Modernism?
Why did you draw what you did to represent your category?
Gatsby's Party
1. Brief summary
2. Relate to story
3. Relate to 1920s
4. Relate to Modernism
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