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Kellogg's Company

No description

Mohd Syazuwan

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Kellogg's Company

Case Study And Business Plan Kellogg's Company Group Project Presented By:
SYAFIKAH BINTI AHMAD ZUKHI CVB120721448 To producing healthful product for kids
To boost sales and a potential for wider distribution
To attract customer with promotion. OBJECTIVE CASE STUDY a)Strategy
-The new range of yogurt product will be developed by Kellogg's based on nutritional guidelines and demand of the consumers for healthy foods
-Kellogg’s has been distributing through middlemen.
-It also uses multiple channels to boost sales and a potential for wider distribution
-Pricing strategy effectiveness is a product is introduced at a premium price
-The media strategy would be driven
-The target markets for the new product are children, parents and older adults 1. Construct the McKinsey 7-S Model based on this case study
-Another system is According to the market research.
-Package : Fun, colorful and captures the attention of children
-Product : Flavorful, tasty, and passed the nutrition guidelines d)Skills
-The efficient and most effective way is to determine initial product pricing which the consumers will accept.
-The product will be promoted as one which creates an ultimate experience by adding attributes that satisfy the expended needs of the consumers.
-The consumer demand for healthful products must be establish by developing products.
-With its continued commitment for product innovation, the company will lunch a new product range of yoghurt aimed at children. e)Staff
-Wholesalers, Retailer, Distribution in centers, Distribution in Stores.
-Specialist’s outlets
f)Shared Values
-Kellogg’s is one of the successful companies that have achieved its aim of becoming the most familiar brand in the world. Its individual brand such as The Rice Krispies and Special K
- This new product range will increase the market share of the company and enable it to penetrate the yoghurt sector which is growing very fast in the U.S and U.K market.
-The growing demand for healthy foods stimulates innovations and new product development in the food industries has a central role in facilitating improved eating practices through the promotion of healthy foods.
Innovation Value for money
Brand awareness
2. You have to generate a Business Plan for Kellogg’s in order for them to market their new and old product.

Business Plan Kellogg's Vision
“To enrich and delight the world through foods and brands that matter.”

“Nourishing families so they can flourish and thrive” To encourage and support physical activity among all sector of the population.
To resources to sponsor activities and run physical activity focused community programs for its consumers and the public in general.
To increase the association between Kellogg and physical activity and use the cereal packs to communicate the “balance” message to consumer.
To introduce labeling that would enable consumers to make decisions about the right balance of food.
SMART Objective
Specific Measurable Achievable or Agreed Realistic Time-related. Objective Brand Awareness Convenience Healthy image Innovation Quality Value for Money Established in 1906 & founded by “will keith kellogg” product is manufactured in 18 countries & marketed in more than 180 countries around the world. it is the world’s leading producer of cereal & leading producer of convenience foods in which includes cookies, crackers, taster, pastries, cereal bars, fruit flavor, snacks, frozen waffles & vegetarian foods.
Kellogg was figured that advertising and promotion were the keys to success in market flooded with look-alike products. The Company spent a third of its initial working capital on an ad in Ladies Home Journal
W.K. Kellogg had finally managed to buy out the last of his brother's share of the company, giving him more than 50 percent of its stock. W.K. Kellogg's company had become the Kellogg Toasted Corn Flake Company in 1909, but Dr. Kellogg's Sanitas Food Company had been renamed the Kellogg Food Company and used similar slogans and packaging. W.K. sued his brother for rights to the family name and was finally successful in 1921 Company Background Kellogg Company was founded to provide high-quality, nutritious and great-tasting food. W.K. Kellogg put his signature on every package of cereal to express his personal pledge to quality and nutrition. In doing so, he began building trust in the Kellogg brand. A century later, our vision is to be the food company of choice. But with so many choices available,we believe it still comes down to trust. Our brand is our promise. It says consumers can count on us to provide consistently high-quality, delicious and wholesome food. More and more, consumers also trust companies like ours to care about the things they care about. Beyond the product itself, this includes a wide range of social and environmental concerns that arise in our value chain, such as the impacts of agriculture and food processing on climate change, water availability and energy use, as well as food safety. Consumers are also increasingly concerned about global issues like malnutrition, obesity, public health and access to clean water and nutritious foods. We also face higher expectations from our customers, investors and communities. We know that our stakeholders look at the choices we make in deciding whether to choose us. Executive Summary Kellogg’s is one of the successful companies that have achieved its aim of becoming the most and in the world. Its individual brand such as the Rice Krispies and special K became household names in their own right but consumers were never in any doubt which company produced these product. This concentration on Kellogg’s brand- a brand built on values of taste, trust and health meant that consumer are opted to adopt for the familiarity of Kellogg’s over cheaper equivalents. With its continued commitment for product innovation, the company will lunch a new of yoghurt aimed at children. This new product range will increase the market share of the company and enable it to penetrate the yoghurt sector which is growing very fast in the U.S and U.K market. INTRODUCTION



Community COMPANY RESPONSIBILTY Supporting improved food labelling
Sponsoring swimming programmes
Promoting LONG TERM PLAN Product and Service Description

Kellogg’s Cereal
Kellogg’s Nutri-grain Cereal Bars
Kellogg’s Special Cracker Chips
Kellogg’s fruit flavoured Snacks PRODUCT AND SERVICES Kellogg’s Yogurt

The new range of yogurt product will be developed by Kellogg's based on nutritional guidelines and demand of the consumers for healthy foods.
Yogurt can be very nutritious because it has protein, calcium, and many other nutrients. Yogurt also can be combined with other fruits that provide additional nutrients although these will add additional calories and sweeteners.
Healthier choices may include low fat and non fat yogurts that contain less than 25 grams of carbohydrates per serving. The Yogurt also includes fruit to meet the marketing requirement for yogurt.
The yogurt fruit preparations for consumption by toddlers and children are designed to integrate the special requirement for the consumer. FUTURE PRODUCTS AND SERVICES BRAND NAME PRODUCT LINES
Kellogg’s Cereal
Keebler Crackers
Pop Tarts Cookies
Eggo Snacks
All Brand Frozen Foods
Primary research
Secondary Research

Target Market
Children and teenager
Working Adult
Senior Citizen

Main Competitors

General Millis MARKETING PLAN Kellogg is the world’s leading producer of cereal and one of the largest producers of convenience foods with 2011 sales of nearly $13.4 billion. With distribution in more than 180 countries, Kellogg's produces some of the world's most iconic and easily recognizable brands including: Keebler, Pop-Tarts, Eggo and Rice Krispies. Kellogg's business is separated into two operating segments: Kellogg North America and Kellogg International Market Analysis Place

MANAGEMENT SUMMARY Organization Chart BOARD OF DIRECTOR Income Statement Kellogg Company (K) FINANCIAL PLAN Thank You Question?
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