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The Address

No description

Crystal Tompa

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of The Address

By: Margo Minco The Address Introduction Marga Minco Was born In the Netherlands in 1920 into a jewish family. When World War ll came along Marga, her five siblings and her parents we're picked up to be deported, she had luckily escaped. She had gone into hiding with other Jewish students and artist. The inspiration started than with her first novel Het lege huis (An Empty House). Although she made her true literary debut with Het bittere kruid (Bitter Herbs). After the war Marga moved to Amsterdam, Where she settles contemptibly with her husband and daughter. Even though Marga will never quite forget the past, she expresses those emotions in her novels and short stories. Marga Minco Plot Summary . Characters Themes & Styles Discussion The repercussions on World War II were felt worldwide. In fact, this story takes place in Holland when a young girl goes in search of her mother's belongings. However through this journey she comes to the conclusion, that something's are better left behind. Daughter of Mrs. S ; The Protagonist of the story along as well a Dynamic character. She lived in fear of being confronted with the things that had been part of a bond that no longer existed. Although learned that to grow she must move forward.
Daughter of Mrs. Dorling; The static Character of the story. With features that resemble her mother, broad back and she was about fourteen years of age. This character role is very basic we don't know much about her except that shes makes one feel welcome in her home. Mrs. Dorling; The Antagonist in the story. This elderly woman with her broad back was quite unhelpful. When Mrs.S's daughter came by she didn't pay any mind to her needs. Rather stopped her from her horrid recovery or have sympathy, choose to shun her. Mrs. S; A minor Character in the story. She is a very giving and loving person. Looking out for her daughter and helping her for the future. With nothing but the thought of giving her daughter things to come back to, that would make her feel at home. The Address is about a girl whom speaks about the childhood possessions her mother had given to a friend shortly after World War II began. As the girl strives to gather he belongs she finds herself unwelcomed to do so. Still having the need to rekindle her past, makes another effort. This time the address in which she visit for the second time, she suddenly becomes welcomed into. Being exposed to these possessions would bring back a flood of memories, memories that associate themselves with bonds that had long since melted away. The main character’s past belongings became the source of great discomfort and uneasiness. Realizing past belongings had become a big part of the lives of other people. This would be the end to her search but the beginning to her new life.
The author writes in the view of first person, " In the eye of the beholder ". She seems to always make sure we know exactly how the main character is feeling. The category's this story lays between is the aftermath of the war and the tragedy of changes in a young girls life.
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