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Why do we write, and how do we do it?

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Leanna Larkin

on 1 August 2013

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Transcript of Why do we write, and how do we do it?

Why Write? How do we do It?
Do you write?
- In a journal?
- In notes or texts to friends?
- For homework?

Why do you write these things? What are you trying to do when you write?

It's all about CONNECTION!!
To Review Experiences
We want to write about what happens to us to remember what it was like and to share it with other people.
It helps us connect with others!
To Learn
There are times when we write things down because it helps us understand it or remember it better. It gives us a visual to add to something that is being talked about.
-Notes in class
-Journals and or diaries
To Show Understanding
When we do learn new things, usually there is always someone there that wants to see what we know. Who are these people? Why do they want to know what we are learning?

- Homework and Tests
To Share Ideas
This one ties into reviewing experiences. There are times when we write with the intention of sharing it with others. Maybe we are trying to convince them to think a certain way, or maybe we want to entertain them with a fictional story. Whatever the deeper reason is, this type of writing is for sharing.
How do we write?
Are there steps to writing?
The Writing Process
1. Prewriting
2. Writing
3. Revising
4. Editing
5. Publishing

Let's start with prewriting!
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