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Humans: A Glorious Image of God

Social Justice- R.Maduabuchi

Mary Foley-Duquette

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Humans: A Glorious Image of God

HUMANS: A Glorious Image of God Who are we as humans? We are made
in God's Image,
not in a physical
sense, but in a
spiritual way.
We are given his
virtues, such as
faith, hope, and
love. We also inclined
to have human
dignity, which
cannot be
earned nor gained. It is a
gift, and we must embrace
it. What has Jesus revealed to us? Jesus has taught us how to love ourselves and each other. No matter what has been committed, we
shall love each other as
God loves us. It is easier to
hate than love, but it is
more rewarding to
love than hate. We
should treat others the way we would want to be
treated. We have been saved through Christ's death and resurrection, so return the favor. Love. What is a right? A right is a claim we make on other people and on society, so we can live a full, human life. And with the rights comes great responsibility. What are the three types of rights? 1. Universal Rights these rights are for every human being. e.g the right to life e.g right to worship God 2. Inviolable Rights 3. Inalienable Rights these rights are inherent and beyond challenge. these rights are untouchable because they
come from God. e.g right to be free HUMANS: A Glorious Image of God e.g the right to live. e.g the right to die, at the right time. Our Rights As Humans: -right to life
-moral rights
-culture rights
-right to worship
-right to move
-economic rights -right to meet and associate
-right to emigrate
-right to immigrate
-political rights Media Marketing Machine Media today is used to advertise, make people buy, and set high goals in standards on what is the way of living. Many commercials exploit the human body, promote abuse of alcohol or other substances, all to sell a product. What is Sexual Decency? Like anything, there is restrictions and guidelines that control what is "acceptable behavior" and "unacceptable behavior". Sex is used for procreation, not for recreation. Yet, sexual activity is exploited today through pornography and even day-to-day ads on television. What are two purposes of a sexual relationship? 1. To procreate; have children 2. To express intimacy with a spouse. How is sexuality a gift from God? Our sexuality is a gift from God so we can procreate and repopulate. Without sexuality, we wouldn't be here today. What does Pornography say about the Gift of Sexuality? Pornography demeans the whole point of procreation. There is no love or God in any of it. In pornographic material, it introduces the viewers to one of the seven deadly sins: lust. The gift of sexuality is not demonstrated as a gift, in pornography, it is blasphemous. There is not a possible way to ban pornography entirely, but there is a way to help teenagers and adults to stop watching the vulgarity.

Prayer can help a bunch when feeling tempted, so pray to the Holy Spirit for self control and wisdom to know the difference between right and wrong.
Also, discuss sex with preteens of how it is for the making of children. That will help control the curiosity for awhile. Answer any questions a teen could ask about sex and find a way to promote abstinence till marriage. A Solution to the Pornography Problem The End. Created By: Mary Foley-Duquette
Awesome Power Point Co: Prezi.com

Social Justice Textbook-Unit 1
Valuemorals.com (Notes from Unit 1)
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