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Annie Between the States By: M. Elliot

No description

Harmony Palaganas

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Annie Between the States By: M. Elliot

Annie Between the States
By: M. Elliot
Harmony Palaganas - Period 1

Brief Summary
- Annie Between the States takes place during the Civil War one of the hardest times in American history.
- The story focuses on Annie Sinclair a 16-year old Irish-American girl.
- Annie is apart of a well to do Confederate family.
- She faces a lot of struggles because of the war that make her mature.
- She has to help and eventually run her family's farm Hickory Hieghts because of her father's and brothers' deaths and her mother's illness.
- Her family farm is near popular battle grounds, so she has to deal with the struggles of both Union and Confederate soldiers invading her home.
- She has conflicting feelings about the war.
- She has a few love interests in the story that ultimately shape her biased of the war.
Main Character: Annie Sinclair
She is Irish American.
Characteristics in the Beginning:
Loves Books and Poetry
Unique Struggles:
Her father and 3 oldest brothers died when she was a toddler. Left with only her mother and 1 older brother and 1 younger brother.
When her mother gets ill she has to make sure her family's farm is still running.
Her older brother is off at war leaving her alone.
She has conflicted feelings about war and slavery.
She has to make sure her older brother stays alive during the war.
- The story takes place during the time period of 1861 to 1864.
- The general area that the story takes place in is Virginia and Washington.
- Annie's family farm Hickory Heights is in Virginia and a lot of the story takes place in her home.
- Hicory Heights is between major battle zones and between 4 valleys.
- Warrenton is the town Annie and her family go to often to get supplies and Annie has town friends.
- When Annie is sent to prison she is in Washington.

Favorite Classic Quotes from Book
''She walks in beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
And all that's best of dark and bright
Meet in her aspect and her eyes''
- Lord Byron
''We few, we happy few, we band of brothers
For he today that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother...''
- Shakespeare
Character Development
Annie- At first Annie is a naive, shy and at times whiney girl but as the story develops and she faces struggles like her mother's death she becomes mature, strong and in control.

Lawrence- In the beginining Lawrence was head strong yet caring as the story develops and he goes to war he learns the value of life and the hardships of war and becomes wiser and a better leader.

Jamie- In the begining Jamie is childish and doesn't understand the meaning of war and as the story develops he becomes worse and thirsts for war, in the end he runs away from home.
What was the American Civil War?
- Fight between Northern and Southern states of America (didn't include all of what we know to be America today)
- Main fight over slavery, North was against slavery, South was for slavery.
- Union (North) and Confederate (South)
- In the end the North won the war, which lasted about 4 years.
- Civil meant family against family, this can be seen with Annie's family her Aunt Elanor is a Union while she is a Confederate.
Other Important Characters
- Miriam Sinclair- Annie's mother and the matriach of her family, she is like the rock for Annie.
- Lawrence Sinclair- Annie's older brother, he is off at war and is the male head of the family, he is responsible and caring.
- Jamie Sinclair- Annie's younger brothers that is childish, irrsponsible and loves war.
- Aunt May- She is the head servant of Hickory Heights, she is kind and is like a 2nd mother to Annie.
- Thomas Walker- He is a Union soldier who Annie saved in the beginning in the end he falls in love with Annie, saves her and they get married.
- Jeb Stewart- Lawrence's comanding officer and in the beginining to middle of the story is Annie's crush.
This is what Jamie probably looked like.
This is probably what Miriam looked like.
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