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Rock & Roll

No description

colby nelson

on 20 May 2010

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Transcript of Rock & Roll

R () < I< N & R () // 1946- Rock n Roll began in South
America after World War 2

1950- Rock n Roll began in Memphis recording studio 1953- Elvis (truck driver) wanted to record himself singing a popular song on the radio 1955- BO Diddly appeared on a show
playing his music on his electric guitar 1955- BO Diddly reached the top hits with
his music on radio 1956- Elvis first appeared live
which stared his career 1956- Elvis was too big for
Sullivan to ignore 1956- Jerry Lee Lewis heard a song that
would spark his career 1958- Elvis Presley went to the army, Jerry Lee
was arrested for transporting a giRL across the border 1962- THE BEATLES STARTED
THEIR MUSIC 1962- the rolling stones formed 1968- jim morrison and the doors
started singing 1969- led zeppelin became a band
in london 1970- aerosmith bacame a band 1971- aerosmith got their first record deal 1973- ac dc got Their first gig in Sydney
on new years eve 1968- ozzy osbourne started his career 1981- metallica becam a band 1986- guns and roses formed a band 1962- bon jovi started

1962- the supremes became a band
( girl band }
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