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Media Literacy : 'Advertising - Truth or Untruth?'

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Wajiah Ess

on 16 December 2014

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Transcript of Media Literacy : 'Advertising - Truth or Untruth?'

'Advertising - Truth or Untruth?'
by:Wajiah & Delina

Media Literacy:
Kia Soul EV Hamster Commercial Featuring “Animals“

The product that is being promoted is KitKat. KitKat is for all age groups to enjoy. We think the message is successful in getting across because it give you a clear idea of what the product is what the sellers are trying to sell. Gives us a clear image of the products appearance. This advertisement is informative, memorable, and believable because this is how KitKat looks like, it's informative because it is clear in getting the message across. It's memorable because we probably wouldn't forget this type of advertisement. It is believable because we've all seen KitKat before or just the wrapper and we all know it's chocolate. People would purchase this product because it taste good and it's trustworthy.
KitKat Advertisement
The product is Magnum ice-cream. The product is for all age groups. The advertisement is successful in getting the message across because they show the product they have the name it's realistic picture. The advertisement is informative, and belivable because they tell you what the ice-cream has inside it. Tells you the company name gives you a realistic picture of the ice-cream. The ice-cream would be memorable if you tasted it. It is not entertaining because it's just a magazine advertisement. The product will be purchased because it is trustworthy it's believable and it's informative.
Magnum Advertisement
The Unrelated Commercial
Funny M&M Commercial
The product that is being promoted is M&M. The product is being marked to all ages except for maybe babies. The commercial is successful in getting the message across because the advertisement promotes how delicious it is and it makes the advertisement humorous and how irresistible the product is.The commercial is informative, memorable, entertaining, and believable because it is humorous, if you see the product it would be hard to forget the commercial because it is amusing. It is informative because they advertise the product in the commercial and they give a message after wards. It is believable because if you've tasted it once you'd realize how delicious it is. You would purchase the product because on the commercial it shows how simple the product is and it shows you the appearance(candy shell) , the inside (chocolate). Also it is tasty and trustful cause it is a candy and it tells you it's chocolate and there just informing you in the commercial that it taste good so you can buy their product.
The product that is being promoted is Carline SkinGard. The product is being marketed for kids. The commercial is not successful because in the commercial it did not show what the purpose of the commercial was for, and how it is related to the product. The commercial is not informative, memorable, entertaining, and believable because seeing three boys getting dressed is not related to the product and not very entertaining. It is hard to believe because if it is not related to the product there really is no message so what is there to believe. We do not think this commercial would be memorable, maybe for the worst commercial ever but other than that, we would not want to remember this. We don't think that anyone will buy this product because it is not professional enough to believe it.
The product is cars from KIA also there promoting the song "Animals" by Maroon 5. The car is for age groups 16 & up also for families. The song though could be for any age group. We think the commercial is successful in getting both messages across because the song is playing in the background and there are animals in the commercial. Also there promoting the company KIA because in the commercial they also show the company's name and car at the end. The commercial is informative, entertaining, memorable, and believable in getting the message across because it's entertaining if we saw the commercial on TV we would continue watching the advertisement. It's believable that the car looks like that from the inside and the outside. But sparks wouldn't be shooting out of it, they are just trying to get the audience to watch their advertisement which isn't a problem. It is informative they show you the inside of the car the outside and at the end they show you a little slogan with the company's name. It is memorable cause if I we saw hamsters or the company we would remember this commercial. People would want to buy the car because it explains the produc, we have a sense of what it looks like and it seems like a pretty good car.
Coca Cola Advertisement
The product that is being promoted is Coca Cola. The product is for all age groups. The product is successful in getting the message across because it shows the product, shows the name and gives a little slogan for the product. The product is informative, and believable because it shows how the actual product is, it gives information about the product name, slogan, picture. It might be entertaining, and memorable for little kids who believe in Santa Claus. People will want to buy this product because it taste good it's trustworthy gives background on the product. Though some people might not want to buy it because it is not healthy.
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